Red Trunk sculpture
Red Trunk by Hans Van de Bovenkamp.

Ah'av sculpture
Ah'av by Boaz Vaadia. 

Outdoor Sculpture Walk Comes to Illinois Wesleyan Campus

June 9, 2014

BLOOMINGTON, Ill.— A chance conversation between Illinois Wesleyan University alumni in Florida and University President and Mrs. Richard F. Wilson has resulted in a yearlong exhibit of six large-scale pieces of sculpture on the University’s campus.

The works, three of which tower more than 10 feet high, will be on display on the Illinois Wesleyan grounds through May 2015.

During an alumni dinner this spring in Florida, Wilson mentioned his desire to have more public art on the campus. “One of our alums mentioned the Sarasota Season of Sculpture, a biennial juried exhibit of public art that was underway,” Wilson said. “It was suggested we contact the organizers to see how we might do something similar.”

Subsequent phone calls revealed that the leadership of the Season of Sculpture were quite excited about building a relationship with Illinois Wesleyan and were extraordinarily helpful in working through the details to move a portion of the Sarasota exhibit to Bloomington in a relatively short period of time, Wilson said.

“They are even helping us with the cost of transportation,” he said. A donor is covering the remainder of Illinois Wesleyan's costs, Wilson said. 

Before committing Illinois Wesleyan to the exhibit, Wilson consulted with School of Art Director and sculptor Kevin Strandberg about the works. Strandberg was involved in siting the works, along with an expert from the Krannert Art Museum at the University of Illinois.  

Four of the six sculptures are the work of New York-based artist Hans Van de Bovenkamp, while the other two were crafted in the Brooklyn, NY, studio of Boaz Vaadia.

Van de Bovenkamp has designed, fabricated and installed more than 100 sculptures created for open-air public locales in public, private, corporate and museum collections throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Vaadia has works in New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Time Warner Center in New York.  

“We invite the community to visit campus and view these striking works of art,” said Wilson. “We’re grateful to those who have made it possible to bring the work of these renowned artists to central Illinois.”

More information about the artists and the locations of the sculptures on campus is available at

  Contact: Kim Hill, (309) 556-3960,