Hans Joerg Tiede

Hans-Joerg Tiede

Faculty Colloquium Examines “Applied Modal Logic”

February 4, 2009

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. – Hans-Joerg Tiede, associate professor of computer science at Illinois Wesleyan University, will present a faculty colloquium, titled “Applied Modal Logic,” on Friday, Feb. 13 at 4 p.m. at the Anderson Auditorium in the Center for Natural Science (201 E. Beecher St., Bloomington).

The program is free and open to the public.

Modal logic is concerned with the study of valid inferences that can be drawn from statements that include phrases such as ‘it is necessary that,’ ‘it is possible that’ and other so-called “modalities.” Through the use of mathematical models, modal logic has applications in computer science and cognitive science. Modal logic plays an integral role in the verification of hardware and software and in areas such as artificial intelligence and computational linguistics.

Tiede’s presentation on modal logic will focus on the relationship between logic and computer science  and the development of applied modal logic, which will be illustrated through examples of applications.

For additional information, contact the Office of University Communications at (309) 556-3181.

Contact: Heather Lindquist, ’09, (309) 556-3181