Illinois Wesleyan Senior Views Tsunami Devastation in Native India

January 9, 2005

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Illinois Wesleyan senior Gautham Narayan's winter break in his home town of Chennai, India, last month had been fairly normal until the morning of December 26 when he and friends were driving toward Pondicherry, a coastal city billed as the French Riviera of the East.

Little did Narayan, a senior physics major, realize that he was headed directly toward the devastation wrought by the tsunami that killed at least 156,000 people in 13 countries around the Indian Ocean, including 583 in Pondicherry.

Once he returned to Bloomington last week to resume classes, Narayan spoke to reporters from both The Pantagraph and WEEK-TV about his experience and the experiences of his friends and family members.