The School of Music presents the opera Semele in Westbrook Auditorium.

IWU School of Music to Perform Baroque Opera Semele

November 8, 2005

BLOOMINGTON, Ill. - The Illinois Wesleyan School of Music will perform the opera Semele, by George Frederick Handel, on Thursday, Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. and Saturday, Nov. 12 at 7:30 p.m. in the Westbrook Auditorium of Presser Hall (1210 Park St., Bloomington).  The performance is free and open to the public.

Director of Opera Linda Farquharson, professor of voice at IWU, is both musical and stage director for the production, which will be performed in its original English and feature approximately 40 Illinois Wesleyan student performers and instrumentalists.

Semele is the story of the Greek mythological character of the same name.  One of Jupiter's (also known as Jove or Zeus) many romantic conquests, Semele, a princess, becomes pregnant as a result of their affair, inciting the jealous wrath of Juno, Jupiter's wife.  Juno, seeking revenge for her husband's infidelity, schemes against Semele.  Ultimately, Semele's desire to be like the gods brings about her downfall.

Composed in 1743, Semele was adapted by Handel from the opera libretto by Congreve and is considered by some critics to be the greatest work of English language musical theatre.

For more information, contact Linda Farquharson or the IWU School of Music at (309) 556-3025.

Cast Members: Joan Teitelman (Semele, Nov. 10), Ariana Strahl (Semele, Nov. 12), Jeremy A. Fisher (Jove/Jupiter), David Mainer jr. (King Cadmus), James Hornor (Prince Athamas), Kate Tombaugh (Princess Ino), Suzanne Rovani (Juno), Erin Crawley (Juno understudy, Zephyr), Marcelino Rivera (Somnus), Teresa Knapik (Iris), Lauren Eigenbrode (Cupid), Dennis Gotkowski (Apollo, Priest), Stuart Seale (Priest), Sheerya Shivers (Zephyr), Mandy Compton (Zephyr), Beth Lanza (Zephyr), Melissa McMahan (Zephyr), Erin Moll (Zephyr), Daniel Cox (Priest), Kathryn Lachey (Priestess), Sara Longtin (Priestess), Emily Meade (Priestess), Jeremy Pease (Priestess), Glenn Radebaugh (Priest), Erin Swanson (Priestess), Christine White (Priestess). Orchestral Ensemble: Linda Farquharson (Conductor), Phyllis Fitch (Accompanist/ Harpsichord/Synthesizer), Dennis Gotkowski (Rehearsal Conductor/Assistant Accompanist), William West (Assistant Accompanist), Lisa Boland (Violin I), Jenny Stevens (Violin II), Molly I. Price (Viola), Evan Lowry (Cello), So-Youn Chang (Flute I), Mandy Bunworth (Flute II), Bridget Wall (Horn I), Liesl Miller (Horn II), Amy Plazek (Bassoon).

Staff: Linda Farquharson (Director of Opera/Musical Director/Stage Director), Teresa Knapik (Assistant Stage Director), Ariana Strahl (Assistant to Dr. Farquharson), Sheerya Shivers (Assistant to Dr. Farquharson), Dennis Gotkowski (Assistant Musical Director), RC Martin (Set, Pillars), Jim Johnson (Set, Pillars), Elizabeth Tuazon (Lighting Design), Stuart Seale (Spots), Sara Longtin (Spots), James Ball (Spots), Kate Jones (Spots), Sara Bicknell (Makeup Assistant), Elizabeth Critcher (Makeup Assistant), Liesl Miller (Makeup Assistant), Lauren Eigenbrode (Costumer), Kathryn Lachey (Costumer), Erin Crawley (Costumer), Kate Tombaugh (Costumer), Mandy Compton (Costumer), Phyllis Fitch (Costumer).

Contact: Rebecca Welzenbach, (309) 556-3181