Exercise Science Minor

An undergraduate Minor in Exercise Science provides a preliminary preparation for careers in the health and fitness industry.  This is a good fit for business majors, psychology majors, and students with other majors who would like to get into Sports Medicine, Sales, and other avenues of health and fitness. 

The Exercise Science minor prepares students to:

  1. Become effective managers and leaders in the wellness industry
  2. Analyze critical factors that drive the health and wellness industry
  3. Apply knowledge of current fitness and wellness programs and opportunities
  4. Develop valuable skills in communication, problem solving and management
  5. Become innovators in the health and wellness field
  6. Develop independence and positive self-image


Exercise Science Minor Sequence:

The following courses are recommended for the minor. Those marked with an asterisk meet the minimum requirement.

  1. Human Anatomy and Physiology BIOL 107 *    
  2. Nutrition HLTH 230 *
  3. Kinesiology PETH 325 *
  4. First Aid and Athletic Training PETH 326 *
  5. Essentials of Strength and Conditioning PETH 327 *
  6. Exercise Physiology PETH 330 *
  7. Personal Fitness I PEC 129X
  8. Personal Fitness II PEC 131X
  9. Weight Lifting PEC 135Y
  10. Human Anatomy and Physiology BIOL 108
  11. Special Topics in Health HLTH 310
  12. Internship in Exercise Science PETH 397
  13. Sport and Exercise Psychology 329