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Chemistry Minor Check List

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A minor in chemistry consists of the following courses:

Code: I = Freshman year; II = Sophomore year, III = Junior year, IV = Senior year

Term: F = Fall, S = Spring

+ Lab indicates course has a mandatory associated lab component

Core Courses

I F Chem 201 (General Chemistry) + lab
I S Chem 202 (General Chemistry) II + lab
II F Chem 311 (Organic Chem I) + lab
II S Chem 312 (Organic Chem II) + lab

Plus one of the following courses

Chem 321 (Physical Chemistry II) + lab
Chem 301 (Quantitative Analysis) + lab

Plus two of the following courses

Chem 321 (Physical Chemistry II)
Chem 413 (Advanced Organic Chemistry)
Chem 414 (Biochemistry I) + lab
Chem 415 (Biochemistry II)
Chem 432 (Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Ram Mohan - Wendell and Loretta Hess Endowed Professor of Chemistry and Chair of Chemistry

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