Chemistry and Biochemistry

Degree Requirements

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Requirements for the Chemistry  major

The regular chemistry major consists of the following courses:

Those students desiring certification by the American Chemical Society must take the following courses:

Courses outside the department that majors are recommended to take include:

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Requirements for the Chemistry  minor

The chemistry minor consists of the following courses:

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Requirements for the Biochemistry  major

The Biochemistry major consists of the following courses:


Requirements for the Biochemistry  minor

There are two ways in which one can complete the Biochemistry minor. Since courses cannot be double counted for a major and a minor, the two tracks are designed so that either Biology or Chemistry majors could obtain a Biochemistry minor.

Track 1: (Excludes chemistry majors)

Track 2: (Excludes biology majors)


Special Notes: Students will not receive credit toward a Chemistry major, Chemistry minor, Biochemical major or Biochemistry minor for the following courses: 110, 130, 135, and 140.