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Illinois Wesleyan Traditions

The IWU 2018 Logo


Motto: Scientia et Sapientia

The Latin phrase on the Illinois Wesleyan seal means Knowledge and Wisdom. The seal was created by explorer-geologist John Wesley Powell, who joined the IWU faculty in 1865.

School Colors: Green and White

An 1898 Daily Pantagraph report is credited as the first mention of green and white as Illinois Wesleyan’s colors.

Mascot: Tommy the Titan

"The Wesleyan Titan" made his inaugural appearance, entering Wilder Field in a Roman chariot, at pre-game ceremonies for a football game against Illinois State University on Sept. 25, 1965. He was portrayed by Steve Reeser, class of 1969.

Alma Wesleyana

From hearts aflame our love we pledge to thee,
Where'er we wander over land or sea;
Through time unending loyal we will be –
True to our Alma Mater Wesleyan.

When college days are fully past and gone,
While life endures from twilight dream till dawn,
Grandly thy soul shall with us linger on –
Star-crowned our Alma Mater Wesleyan!

– Professor W.E. Schultz (1887-1964)


Illinois Wesleyan Song Book

(Songs in mp3 format)

Recording Engineer: Roger A. Garrett
Editing Engineer: Terry Solomonson

Wind Ensemble

Steven W. Eggleston, Conductor

"Alma Wesleyana" – Arranged by Peter Gilbert '98

Collegiate Choir Men's Voices

J. Scott Ferguson, Conductor

"Alma Mater" – Vera Pearl Kemp & Arnold Lovejoy
Words by Mattie Simmonds

Sine Nomine Singers

J. Scott Ferguson, Conductor
Eva Ferguson, Accompanist

"Campus Song"

"Wesleyan Will!" – John Philip Sousa
Words by Russell Harvey

"Dear Old Wesleyan" – Spencer Green '30

"Fight, Wesleyan!" – arranged by Vera Pearl Kemp

Titan Band

Roger A. Garrett, Conductor

"Fight, Wesleyan!" – arranged by Roger A. Garrett
Percussion arranged by Kevin Nichols '91

In Sync

Coached by J. Scott Ferguson

"Tribute to Wesleyan" – R.C. Smedley '03
Words by B.H. Smith '00

"Wesleyan Loyalty Song"

Titan Band

Roger A. Garrett, Conductor

"Wesleyan Cheer Song" – Ralph S. Freese '11
Adapted by Roger A. Garrett