What is it that sets Illinois Wesleyan apart?

Dick Wilson

Office of the President

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Simply put, it is our tradition of academic excellence, our distinctive liberal arts curriculum, the individual attention we give our students and our welcoming and engaged community.

We pride ourselves on having students with multiple talents and interests, faculty with a passion for teaching and scholarship, caring staff members who take great pride in what they do, and successful alumni across the nation and around the world.

In the finest tradition of the liberal arts, we appeal to those who are intellectually passionate, creative, and curious about life. We encourage excellence and we support our students’ pursuit of multiple interests in ways that are most meaningful to them.

We firmly believe that the important outcomes for our students, and indeed all of us, are measured not only in the few short years spent on campus but also in the personal and professional accomplishments that we enjoy throughout our lives.

This is what attracted me to Illinois Wesleyan and what I hope you too will come to appreciate about us.


Richard F. Wilson