Writing Center

IWU Writing Center Resources for Students, Faculty, and Staff

The Composing Process
1.1. Overview
     IWU: Composing processes: an overview
     IWU: Stages of the composing process
1.2 Outlining & Thesis Statements
     IWU: Outlining
     IWUOptions for Outlining
     IWUReverse Outlining
     Purdue OWL: Outlining
     Rutgers, J. Lynch: Thesis statements
     St. Cloud SU: Thesis statements
     IWU: Thesis statements
1.3 Composing Strategies
     Dartmouth: Revision
     IWU: Invention strategies
     IWU: Glossing

Critical Thinking & Argument
2.1 Strategies for Critical Thinking
     IWU: Analysis map
2.2 Critical Reading
     IWU: Critical reading
2.3 Constructing Argument
     Dartmouth: Logic and argument
     IWU: Structuring an argument
2.4  Emotional arguments
     Mesa CC: Ethos,logos, pathos
2.5 Logic & Fallacies
     IWU: Elements of logic
     Purdue OWL: Fallacies
     St. Cloud SU: Fallacies
2.6 Argumentative Writing
     IWU: They Say I Say Handout

Using Sources
3.1  Research strategies
     Dartmouth: Researching your topic
     College of Charleston: Research strategy
3.2  Evaluating sources
     Purdue OWL: Using research & evidence
3.3 Integrating sources
     IWU: Using sources
     IWU: Argument & Sources
     3.3.1  Summarizing & Paraphrasing
     Purdue OWL: Quoting, paraphrasing, summarizing
     3.3.2  Quoting
     IWU: Quoting sources
     St. Cloud SU: Using quotes
     3.3.3  Integrating sources into an argument
3.4 Plagiarism
     IWU: Statement on Plagiarism

4.1 MLA
     IWU: MLA Print
     IWU: MLA Electronic
4.2  APA
     IWU: APA Print
     IWU: APA Electronic
     APA: Reference Guide
4.3  Chicago
     IWU: Chicago Print
     IWU: Chicago Electronic

Sentences: Clarity & Style//Structure
5.1  Wordiness
    U of WI: Avoid inflated words
5.2 Active Voice    
5.3 Serial sentences
    IWU: Serial sentences
5.4 Sentence Variety
     Purdue OWL: sentence variation
5.5  Word choice
     IWU: Word choice
5.6 Coordination & Subordination
     IWU: Coordination and subordination
5.7  Transitions
     IWU: transitions
     IWU: Transitional words and phrases
5.8 Topic Sentences
     IWU: Topic sentences
5.9  Paragraphing
     IWU: Paragraphing 
     IWU: MEAL Plan 
     IWU: Drop 5 Paragraph Essay
5.10  Introductions
5.11  Conclusions

6.1  Overview/Elements of English Grammar
     IWU: Elements of grammar
6.2 Subject-verb agreement
     IWU: subject-verb agreement
6.3 Pronouns
     IWU: Pronouns
6.4 Sentences
     6.4.1  Run-on sentences
     6.4.2  Comma splices
          IWU: Comma splices
     6.4.3  Fragments
          IWU: Fragments
6.5 Modifiers
     IWU: Modifiers
6.6 Parallelism
     IWU: Parallelism
6.7 Shifts & Mixed Constructions
     IWU: Shifts
     IWU: Mixed Constructions
6.8  Adjectives & adverbs
     IWU: Adjectives & adverbs

7.1 Commas
     IWU: Comma practice
7.2 Semi-colons and colons
     IWU: semi-colons and colons
7.3 The Apostrophe
7.4 Ellipses
7.5 Quotation marks

8.1 Capitalization
8.2  Abbreviations, numbers, italics
8.3  Spelling

Genres of Academic Writing
9.1  Writing about films
      University of Calgary: Writing about Film
9.2  Writing about graphic novels/memoirs
      Duke U: Writing about comics and graphic novels
9.3  Writing in the Humanities
9.4  Writing in the Social Sciences
9.5  Writing in the Sciences
9.6  Writing a Web paper     
     IWU: Guide for web papers 
     Web Style Guide

Genres of Professional Writing
10.1 Resumes 
     IWU: Resumes
10.2  Cover letters
10.3  Personal  Statements
     IWU: General Personal Statement Advice
     IWU: Health Professions Personal Statement
 10.4  Email
     IWU: Email Etiquette

Inclusive Writing
11.1 Writing with Inclusivity
     University of Idaho: Inclusivity Respective to Diverse Populations
11.2 Gender-Inclusive Language
     UNC: Writing with Gender Inclusivity
11.3 On-Campus Resources
     IWU ODI: Resources for IWU Students
11.4 Resources for ELL/ ESL 
     IWU International Office: Resources
     IWU: ELL Tutoring

Online reference works: Use Ames Library first!
Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
Strunk & White's Elements of Style

Resources for Faculty
12.1 Currently Available Resources
     IWU:  List of Resources
     IWU: Previously Shared Resources
12.2 Commenting on Prompts (COP) Program
     IWUCOP Program
12.3 Tips for Writing Clear Prompts/ Assignments
     IWU: Pro Tips
     IWU: Common Errors

Online Tutoring Information 
13.1 How-To Guide 
     IWU:  How To Use WCOnline Online Tutoring
13.2 Online Tutoring Policies
     IWU: Policies for Using Online Interface

External Resources
   Writing Guide for Undergrads
   University of Minnesota Student Writing Support
   University of Wisconsin-Madison: Writer's Handbook
   Colorado State University: Links for Writers and       Teachers
   George Mason University: Writing Resources
   Purdue University: OWL Resources