Minor Requirements

The minor in Women’s and Gender Studies requires a minimum of six courses. Students intending to minor in the program should consult with the WGS Director to determine the best course plan for their needs and time, since not all courses are offered each semester. Only courses in which students earn a C or higher may be applied towards the minor.

Women's and Gender Studies Minor Sequence

  1. WGS 101: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies (CSI, U)
  2. Five additional courses designated as WGS courses, at least two of which must be 300-level. (See below.) These courses must be chosen from at least two different divisions, schools, or programs, and within those, at least three different departments or disciplines. 
  3. One of the five courses must focus on non-western, minority or immigrant women. Choose from among these:
    1. ANTH 252: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspectives (CSI, G, W)
    2. ANTH 350: Health and Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspectives (G, W)
    3. ENGL 129: Third World Women Speak (LIT, G)
    4. HIST 343: Migration, Ethnicity, and Race (CHC, U)
    5. LIT/Culture 207: Language & Gender (CSI, G)
    6. LIT/Culture 350: Terrible Perfection: Women in Russian Literature and Cinema (LIT, G)
    7. SOC 354: Gender and Globalization (G)

Courses for WSG


ENGL 120: Women in Literature (LIT)
ENGL 122: A Woman’s Place (LIT)
ENGL 123: Bad Girls (LIT)
ENGL 129: Third World Women Speak (LIT, G)
ENGL 170: Special Topics--20th Century Women Writers (LIT); Jane Austen and Economics (LIT)
ENGL 220: Literature and its Signs: An (Un)Suitable Job for a Woman (LIT); New Woman: A Literary History (LIT)
ENGL 222: Shakespeare’s Shrews (LIT, W) [Formerly ENG 220]
ENGL 255: Hip-Hop: A Literary Study (LIT, U, W)
ENGL 257/HIST 257: Promised Land (CHC, U)
ENGL 351: Manifest Destinies: American Literature to 1865 (LIT, U)
ENGL 370: Special Topics*
ENGL 381: Thinking Queer/Reading Queer (LIT, U)
ENGL 394: Death, Gender, Power (LIT)
GRS 312: Sex and Gender in Ancient Greece and Rome (CHC, W)
HUM 370: Women in Popular Music (U)
LC 207: Language and Gender (CSI, G)
LC 247: Fairy Tales of the 20th Century (AV)
LC 350: Women in Russian Literature & Cinema (LIT, G)
PHIL 230: Philosophy of Feminism (AV, U)
REL 106: Women, Religion, and Spirituality (CSI, G)
REL 324: Sexuality and Christianity (AV)


ANTH  245/345 World Music (IT, G)
ANTH 252: Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective (CSI, G, W)
ANTH 350: Health and Healing in Cross-Cultural Perspective (G, W)
HIST 144: The Gilded Age, 1865-1900 (CHC, U) [Formerly 344]
HIST 244: Women and the American Experience (CHC, U)
HIST 249: Growing Up in America (CHC, U)
HIST 257/ENGL 257: Promised Land (CHC, U)
HIST 323: Sex, Gender, and Power under King James (CHC)
HIST 343: Migrations, Ethnicity, and Race (CHC, U)
HIST 350: Women, Work, and Leisure, 1890-1930 (CHC, U)
HIST 370: Studies in History*
PSCI 220: Women and Politics (CSI, U)
PSCI 270: Special Topics*
PSCI 342: The Politics of Presence (W)
SOC 222: Sex and Gender in Society (CSI, U)
SOC 270/370: Special Topics*
SOC 311: Marriage and Family
SOC 328: Criminology
SOC 345: Intersectionality (IT, U)
SOC 354: Gender and Globalization (G)
SOC 380: Sociology of Sexualities [Formerly SOC 270/370]


HLTH 310: Special Topics in Health*
HLTH 330: Human Sexuality (AV)
HLTH 351: Abuse in America (AV)


PSYC 333: Psychology of Gender (U) (prerequisite PSYC 100; some sections for Psychology majors only) [Formerly PSYC 374]


THEA 370: Special Topics*
MUS 245/345 World Music (IT, G)
MUS 350 or 359 or 370: Women in Popular Music (U)


WGS 270: Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
WGS 370: Special Topics in Women’s and Gender Studies
WGS 370/MUS 359: Women in Popular Music (U)
WGS 397: Internship
WGS 450: Independent Study

*Applies if course has significant women’s and/or gender issues content. Contact Women’s and Gender Studies Director for approval.