Traveling Titans FAQ

For IWU students staying in the Marriott in Uptown Normal:

Hotel Benefits

Code of Conduct and Hotel Policies

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What are the current cleaning procedures in the guest rooms?

Our departure cleaning protocols were already at very strong 10-point program.

We’ve identified additional steps, or in some cases, clarification.

Next, we vetted our process out with an independent OSHA-approved scientist who has provided guidance.

We now offer the following steps for a non-covid cleaning process:

The main products we use are Peroxide Multi Surface Cleaner and Disinfectant and Scrub Free Bathroom Cleaner and Disinfectant. Both EPA approved.

Step One

  1. Using PPE: Including face mask, gloves and gown.
  2. Organize cart with tools and supplies
  3. Bring in chemicals and cleaning tools, microfiber cloths and other supplies

Step Two

  1. Strip the trash, linens and towels. Check the closet, drawers, fridge and microwave. REMOVE COLLATERAL, we are not keeping reusable collateral in guest rooms. Strip all beds and sleep sofas, remove the bag in the closet.
  2. Log any items left behind by guest, “Bag it, tag it, log it and lock it.”
  3. Put the trash in a green trash bag and twist closed. Once full, tie shut so it can be taken to the dumpster.
  4. Put soiled linen into clear or frosted bags, so not to be confused with trash. Seal closed so they can be taken in a bin to laundry.

Step Three

  1. Spray pink scrub-free disinfectant in the tub/shower, on the walls and handles, tub, in-toilet, and around toilet. Rinsing is required in the cleaning phase of step 6.
  2. Chemicals dwell for at least 3 minutes while a room attendant performs other duties.

Step Four

  1. Re-make the bed
  2. All beds have pillow top protectors
  3. Check mattress pads and replace as needed

Step Five

  1. Spray disinfectant liberally with all purpose cleaner and wipe down all touch point surfaces including but not limited to: Coffee maker, ice bucket, sink knobs, refrigerator handles, top front and side. Microwave touchpad, handles, and front of countertop. 
  2. We use individually wrapped cups and stir sticks.

Step Six

  1. Using the pink microfiber cloth for areas where the Scrub Free solution was sprayed (remember to rinse pink cleaner), and the yellow microfiber where the APC was sprayed, and scrubbing tools you will now clean and dry all surfaces and corners. APC will evaporate.
  2. Disinfect the soap holders, hooks, handles and the hair dryer and bath vent.

Step Seven

  1. Place two individual sanitary wipes with the amenity packs. (On Back Order)
  2. Roll the floor with the tacky lint roller

Step Eight

  1. Place disinfected remote in sheath. (On Order)
  2. All trash cans and ice buckets must have liners.
  3. We wipe pens down with disinfectant. This and a fresh note pad are the only reusable collateral to be in the room.

Step Nine - Floor Care

  1. If needed, spot clean or shampoo the carpet using karcher approved equipment
  2. Vacuum all areas of the room starting at the far end, backing our way out of the room

Step Ten - One last look

  1. Check all phone cords, lampshade, chairs and TV positioning.
  2. Report all damaged items to engineering.
  3. Check HVAC setting and curtain settings.
  4. Remove all our cleaning supplies and used microfiber cloths into a wash bag. Only use fresh ones per room.
  5. Properly remove gloves and put on new ones for the next room.

Stay Over Cleaning

  1. We are currentlyusing the recommended practice of no service for 5 to 7 days.
  2. We will fully clean and service guest rooms once per week on Tuesdays or Thursdays. If you would like trash removed, towels or bed linens changed, please request by calling the front desk.
  3. Room attendants will bring a clean bag for guests to place sheets and towels in. Guests can leave it outside the door.
  4. Room attendant will leave fresh laundry, terry, and sheets/pillowcases in bag for guests.
  5. Amenities such as facial tissue, toilet paper, shampoo, soap, coffee/tea and related items will be bagged and given to guests upon request by the hotel team.
  6. For delivery of clean linen to a room, always take full “sets” meaning washcloth, hand towel and bath towel.
  7. Our guest service directories are programmed into guest room TV’s.
  8. Room attendant carts and laundry carts are disinfected often, a minimum of once weekly.

Is wearing masks being required in the hotel?

Yes. The health and well-being of our guests and employees is of paramount importance. This requirement will provide a consistent approach to facial coverings. Public health experts agree that wearing a facial covering is one of the simplest steps we can all take to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

What other safety protocols have you implemented?

  1. Ensuring that only registered guests have access to the hotel public spaces
  2. All invited non- registered guests only enter through the front entrance.
  3. All entrances require a registered guest key to access except for the front doors
  4. In partnership with local law enforcement random exterior area patrols especially in the parking garage are conducted

Where can I find more information on COVID-19


What happens if a guest discloses that they are self-isolating due to their travel history, in-house guest self-isolating or suspected case?

The wellbeing of all colleagues and guests is of paramount importance

We are always considerate to the situation the guest is in. Specifically, we advise the guest that:

  • If they have any symptoms of illness, they should immediately seek medical help. They should also notify the hotel so that appropriate cleaning protocols may be implemented.
  • The guest should stay in their room and not visit any public spaces including meeting rooms, fitness center, lounge or restaurants.
  • We will explain that the hotel will not provide cleaning or housekeeping services.
  • We will provide the guest with the mobile phone number to contact should they have questions or need assistance.
  • If they require service or assistance; it should be made through the hotel operator.

.• We advise the guest to limit or avoid any outside visitors coming in and out of the guest room.

  • We will offer room service at no extra charge and advise that all food and drink should be taken in the room.

What happens if the hotel becomes aware that the guest has been taken seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk?

The hotel will immediately call the emergency services and explain which country or state, the guest(s) have returned from in the last 14 days and outline their current symptoms

  • If the fire alarm sounds, normal evacuation procedures should be followed, and the guest advised to leave the hotel and proceed to the fire assembly point. The hotel will arrange for the guest to be supported and isolated from other guests at the assembly point.
  • The guest should be asked to contact hotel management prior to checking out / departure from the hotel to provide an update on their condition.
  • Room service will take to the room on a cart. Hotel staff will not enter the room. We will ask the guest to retrieve their room service from the Cart. If a cart is not available, the tray will be placed on the floor for the guest to retrieve.
  • Room service will be served with disposable plates and cutlery.

If a guest wants to check out but is still sick, what happens then?

Ordinarily a suspected case will result in the paramedic or representatives of the health authorities coming to the hotel to take the guest to a healthcare facility. While we wait for this, we can’t hold people against their will. If a guest wants to check out, we would have to contact the local health authority for the latest guidance in ‘self-isolation’ and pass their messages to the guest. Depending on national rules they may be OK to leave if they have family or friends to stay with, but you should always check at the time as the rules may change.

What are the Hotel Security protocols?

The hotel has 6 guest and 1 associate-only entrances with access to the outside. In cases of extreme emergencies the hotel can be completely locked down to unregistered guests.

  • The main entrance is located on the 1st floor street level on Broadway Street; with 24 hours in/out accessibility.
  • The 1st floor South Side street entrance on Beaufort street is always kept locked with exit access only. When we have local events with a high percentage of individuals driving; the doors are kept open until the end of the event or 11 p.m., whichever is earlier. If the event is taking place over multiple days; the entrance is closed at 11 p.m. and opened at 6 a.m.
  • The 1st floor north side entrance is located by the outdoor community common area with exit access only. This door is always kept locked.
  • The 1st floor west side entrance is located on Fell Street. It is one of the convention center entrances. The convention center is attached to the hotel but is locked off when we don’t have events. When we have events, the entrance is kept open until the end of the event or 11 p.m.; whichever is earlier.
  • The 1st floor entrance is located on the north side of the building. It is the Main Convention Center entrance. When we have events, the entrance is kept open until the end of the event or 11 p.m.; whichever is earlier.
  • There is only one entrance located on the 2nd floor of the hotel with sky bridge access to the 3rd floor of the parking garage. This door is kept locked at all times with 24 hour registered guest room key access only.
  • The hotel only has one associate-secured access, located on the west side of the building by the loading dock. This entrance has a secured lock that is only accessible by associates.
  • The hotel has an overnight security associate who monitors the guest floors and hotel public space and entrances. The overnight security shift is from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.
  • When a key is lost we require the guest to show their valid government issued ID to which we match and verify; before issuing a replacement key.
  • The Normal Police monitors the parking garage overnight.

Is the hotel security operated in house or by a third party?


Do you have an active shooter protocol?

Yes. All associates must take yearly training in conjunction with human trafficking training.

Is your gym operated by the hotel or a third-party vendor?

The gym is operated by the hotel. 


Hotel Benefits and Features

  • The Bloomington/Normal Marriott is located in Normal, Illinois. Located in the Heart of uptown Normal.
    • The hotel’s phone number is (309)862-9000
    • The name of the cafe that sells Starbucks products is Caffeina’s Gift Shop
    • The name of the restaurant is Jesse’s Grill
    • The name of the bar is Jesse’s Lounge
  • The hotel has 228 carefully appointed guest rooms
  • 118 of our guest rooms have king-sized beds and 110 are equipped with two double beds.
  • Each room has a work desk, smart TV, microwave, and mini fridge
  • The whole hotel is a smoke-free building. There are not any smoking guest rooms in the hotel. 
    • If a guest would like to smoke, they can do so outside the hotel as long as they are more than fifteen feet away from the doors entering the building.
    • If a guest smokes in a room and housekeeping can document it with evidence, then the guest is charged a minimum $250.00 for smoking
  • Once you get off the elevator on level’s 2-9, if you go to the right, to the end of the hall (on the right), you will find an ice machine.
  • The only snack/vending machine is located on the second level inside the guest laundry room.
  • The laundry room has 2 washers and 2 dryers. $1 to wash and $0.25 to dry.
  • The hotel doesn’t have corner rooms.
  • In size and setup, all guest rooms are the same except the 4 suites.
  • There are at least 2 handicapped accessible rooms on each floor, 1 double and 1 king.
  • The hotel offers wireless high speed internet through the building.
  • The fitness center is located on the 2nd floor featuring state of the art ellipticals, treadmills, and free weights.
  • The parking garage is located next to the hotel; accessible via street level and enclosed skywalk located on the 2nd floor of the hotel.
  • The heated saltwater swimming pool is located on the 1st floor adjacent to the restaurant.
  • Convenient, short walk to Amtrak’s uptown station, unique shopping, dinning, and entertainment.

Sleeping Room Features and Benefits

  • All rooms are furnished with either two full beds in double rooms or one king size bed in king rooms.
  • Hotel linens, Terrys, and pillows will be provided.
  • One swiveling desk and one ergonomic chair.
  • A safe.
  • Dresser with three drawers.
  • Two night-stand tables with drawers for a king room and one table for a double room.
  • One upholstered chair accompanied with one cocktail table.
  • One large hanging closet by the entrance with one iron and ironing board. 
  • Refrigerator and microwave.
  • Shower/bathtub combo with an oversized vanity.
  • All personal items should be neatly organized before the room is cleaned.
  • Rooms will be cleaned once a week (every 5-6 days). The day of week is to be discussed and agreed upon by both parties and will happen between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.. Guests must allow cleaning staff entry and will not be allowed in the room during that time.
    • Wipe walls, trim, mirror, window and other hard surfaces
    • Vacuum carpet
    • Mop tiled floors
    • Clean bathroom
  • All trash should be kept separate by the receptacle. (During the week guests are welcome to leave sealed trash outside the door).
  • Linens and terry’s will be changed once a week.
  • Makeup wipes will be provided in all the guest rooms.
  • Bi-weekly room walkthroughs will be conducted by the hotel and RA/professor and will occur at the same time as when the room is scheduled for housekeeping. 

Code of Conduct and Hotel Policies

Snapshot of Code of Conduct

  • Due to security reasons, room keys will only be issued to RA/professor whose names are adequately listed on the reservation.
  • To ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable experience for all of our guests, the hotel’s quiet hours are from 10 p.m. until 8 a.m.
  • The swimming pool area is open to all guests from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m.. Its hours are strictly enforced. All posted pool policies are to be followed including but not limited to guest use only, social distancing, and no food or beverage are permitted. 
  • Loudly knocking on doors and running in the hallways will not be tolerated.
  • The hotel has a zero tolerance towards the destruction or vandalism of hotel property. Vandalism includes but is not limited to defacing, graffiti, disfiguring, deforming, scratching, or trashing.
  • Decorations can be hung by using Command 3M strips, including but limited on windows, doors, walls, and mirrors. No other adhesive of any kind (push pins, staples, nails, or anything of the sort) are allowed in, outside, or around the sleeping room, study area, or hallways.
  • No extra furniture or appliances are to be brought into the hotel.
  • All maintenance issues should be reported right away by dialing 0 on the hotel room phones. 
  • If the hotel must refund charges or incur costs to another guest disturbed by noise or unreasonable behavior, these costs and charges will be charged to the disruptive party. The disruptive party will be given a verbal warning in person from hotel management. Second warning, the hotel will alert the RA and give another verbal warning to the student. If a 3rd occurrence should happen, some action needs to be taken that is agreeable between the hotel and University.
  • Proper attire must always be worn around the hotel public guest areas; which includes hallways, laundry, study area, pool,fitness center and lobby. Business attire is not necessary. We are requesting shoes of some sort be worn at all times, no running around in underwear, etc.
  • All visitors will be allowed. If a student is having a guest sleep over, the hotel asks they report the person’s name to the front desk so it can be noted on the room for safety reasons in case of fire or any other emergency situations.
  • Loitering in the hallways is not permitted.
  • Alcohol, smoking, and substance abuse are not allowed, including but not limited to vaping and chew.
  • Hotel will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
  • Violation of code or policies is grounds for removal.

A: Detailed General Policies

A1. Alcohol

  1. Possession, consumption, distribution, or being in the presence of alcohol by guests under the age of 21 is prohibited. This includes all other use of alcohol in violation of state law or University policy. 
  2. Consumption of alcohol by guests who are 21 or older is permitted only in the guests’ rooms, and with the provision that the door is closed and no individuals under the age of 21 are present. All other use of alcohol in violation of local or state law, or University or hotel policy is prohibited. 
  3. Bulk quantities (12 or more standard servings), common containers, and the manufacturing of alcohol as well as games, and/or devices used or intended for the rapid consumption of alcohol are prohibited.
  4. Violating any other policy while under the influence of alcohol is prohibited.

A2. Computer Use

  1. Guests must abide by the hotel computing policies. Wireless routers are prohibited in hotel facilities, and sharing copyrighted materials is prohibited by law.

A3. Controlled Substances

  1. Possession, use, manufacture, sale, distribution, consumption, or being in the presence of illegal drugs, controlled substances, and/or medical marijuana, including paraphernalia containing controlled substances or residue of controlled substances, is prohibited.
  2. Prescription medication may only be used by the person to whom it is prescribed for, and only be used for its intended purpose. Over the counter drugs may only be used in the manner in which they are intended. 
  3. Violating any other policy while under the influence of a controlled substance is prohibited.

A4. Disorderly and Lewd Behavior

  1. Engaging in disorderly and/or lewd conduct is prohibited. This behavior may include urination/defecation outside of designated restroom areas, invasion of another’s privacy, and/or exposing private body parts in public.
  2. Guests are expected to respect the reasonable privacy of other guests with the hotel, thus, photographic, audio or video recording without the knowledge and consent of all participants, is prohibited. In particular, the use of cameras, cellphones, and video equipment in hotel public restroom facilities and/or other areas that could be considered sensitive in nature is also prohibited.

A5. Disruptive Activities

  1. The use of sporting equipment (e.g., skateboards, cooters, bicycles, rollerblades, etc.) is prohibited in hotel facilities, including interior and exterior walkways. Throwing and/or kicking objects or engaging in any other behavior that interferes with, or prohibits, reasonable use of the space by others is also prohibited.

A6. Dress Code within Hotel Facilities

  1. Proper shirts and shoes are required for entrance and use of hotel facilities. 

A7. Failure to Comply

  1. Resisting or interfering with the directive of an RA/professor/hotel management acting within the scope of their duties, including, without limitation, failure to open room doors or produce identification, is prohibited.
  2. Failure to comply with the terms of sanctions imposed as a result of conduct action is a further violation of hotel policy.
  3. Failure to respond to an RA’s/professor’s/hotel management’s reasonable requests for meeting or information, when that staff member is acting within the scope of their duties is prohibited.

A8. Furnishing False Information

  1. Knowingly providing false and/or misleading information to an RA/professor/hotel management member to interfere with staff acting within the scope of their duties, gaining unauthorised entry into a hotel area or a sponsored event, or to access restricted equipment is prohibited.

A9. Gambling

  1. All gambling is prohibited within the hotel.

A10. Students

  1. Notice: The state of Illinois is currently under phase 4 of the COVID-19 Pandemic. To comply with the Governor, CDC, IDPH, or other governmental order, all residents must follow physical distancing and wearing a mask (also known as social distancing) guidelines (link is external upon request or online), including no visitors, guests, or other residents in your personal bedroom (only essential service providers are permitted such as maintenance staff or your immediate family if they are helping your move out). If there is a conflict between the hotel Code of Conduct and stricter requirements of any governmental authority, you must adhere to the stricter requirements of the governmental authority when it is in effect. 
  2. Overnight guests are only permitted to sleep in the guest rooms, with permission from the RA/professor and roommate(s). A guest cannot stay for more than three days in a two-week period without approval of the RA/professor. Any guest staying past 2 a.m. may be deemed an overnight guest. Overnight group visits must be approved by the RA/professor and in turn communicated with the hotel management. 
  3. Persons who have been evicted/excluded from the hotel for any reason are not permitted to return to the hotel. 
  4. Students must disclose to RA/professor/hotel management if they should, pursuant to CDC guidance or governmental directive, be self-isolating, regardless of whether due to their travel history, or their being infected with, or having been exposed to persons infected with COVID-19. The well-being of all colleagues and guests is of paramount importance. 
  5. We are considerate to the situation that the student is in. Specifically, advising the student that:
    1. If they have any symptoms of illness, they should immediately seek medical help. They should also notify the hotel management so that appropriate cleaning protocols may be implemented. 
    2. The student should stay in their room and ot visit any public spaces including meeting rooms, the fitness center, pools, lunge, or restaurants. 
    3. Explain that the hotel will not provide cleaning or housekeeping services.
    4. Provide the student with the mobile phone number to contact should they have questions or need assistance. 
    5. Requests for service or assistance should be made through the hotel operator instead of doorknob menus or other in-room collateral. 
    6. The student should limit or avoid any outside visitors coming in and out of the guest room.
    7. Food and drink should be taken in the room. The hotel will, to the extent of the student’s existing meal plan, deliver to the room at no extra charge.
    8. Should RA/professor/hotel management become aware that the student is seriously ill or injured or their life is at risk, they should immediately call the emergency services and alter them to the situation.
    9. If the fire alarm sounds, normal evacuation procedures should be followed, and the student should leave the hotel and proceed to the fire assembly point. The hotel should arrange for the student to be supported and isolated from other guests at the assembly point. 
    10. The student should contact hotel management prior to checking out/departure from the hotel to provide an update on their condition.
    11. Room service will be taken to the room on a trolley. Hotel will not enter the room. Ask the student to retrieve their room service from the tolley. If a trolley is not available, the tray will be placed on the floor for the student to retrieve. 
    12. Room service should be served with disposable plates and cutlery.
    13. Nothing should be returned to the kitchen. 
    14. Trays, to the extent not a disposable tray, should remain in the room and collected after the student has departed. They should be deep cleaned in a dishwasher above 82 degree Celsius (108 degree Fahrenheit) and thereafter cleaned with a sanitizer. 
    15. To avoid unnecessary close contact do not ask the student to sign anything.
    16. Leave fresh linens and additional amenities outside the student’s door.
    17. Provide several large waste bags for disposal of any trash. Students should be informed that they should keep the waste bags in the room (not placed in the hallway) until a coordinated time for pick-up is arranged.
    18. A suspected case will result in the paramedic representatives of the health authorities coming to the hotel to take the student to a healthcare facility.
    19. The hotel cannot hold people against their will. If a student wants to check out, the hotel should contact the local health authority for the latest guidance and pass their messages to the student. 
    20. When the student leaves, electronically key or double lock the room. No colleagues should be allowed to enter the room.
    21. While it is not compulsory to engage third-party cleaners in these circumstances, if hotel leadership is considering using a third-party cleaner:
      1. Assuming that routine room cleaning is all that is required, a lead supervisor or manager or other appropriately trained person should complete the initial cleaning of the room upon the student’s departure. 
    22. At checkout, the HV/AC unit filter should be changed, and the old filter bagged and disposed of properly. All vents and louvers should be wiped down and cleaned with a disinfectant. Use appropriate PPE. 
    23. Disposable gloves should be used whenever a colleague comes in contact with an item the student handled. Ensure those responsible for the removal of the student’s trash, at a minimum, wear disposable gloves. Trash should not be placed in common trash gathering areas, but rather brought directly to the hotel’s trash compactor.
    24. Any colleague cleaning the room should utilize PPE. Housekeeping staff could be at risk form picking up the virus left on hand contact surfaces in bedrooms, on linen, and towels. 
    25. Hand contact surfaces should be sanitized using a chemical that is effective against respiratory viruses as well as bacteria. 
    26. Linen and bedding should be bagged before leaving the bedroom to reduce any risk of transmission in the corridor. 
    27. Colleagues should protect themselves by hand washing immediately after cleaning each room or use a sanitizing hand gel

A11. Noise

  1. Disrupting quiet hours, defined as the time between 10 p.m. and 8 a.m. with unreasonable noise is prohibited in the entire hotel facility, and surrounding areas. Unreasonable noise is any noise that disrupts the lives of other guests or neighboring community members. 
  2. Creating at any time of day unreasonable noise that disrupts or potentially disrupts the sleep or studying of other students or hotel guests at any time is prohibited.
  3. Use of amplified sound, which may include subwoofers and musical instruments, in outdoor areas is prohibited. 

A12. Physical Harassment and Abuse

  1. Physical abuse or harassment of another student/person/guest is prohibited. This may include, but is not limited to, implied or physical assault, and threatened or completed actions resulting in physical or emotional harm. 
  2. Physical abuse or harassment of staff is prohibited. This may include physical interference with a staff member’s ability to participate fully in the community or perform their job functions, physical assault, and threatened or completed actions resulting in physical  or emotional harm.

A13. Removal of Restaurant Resources

  1. Removal of utensils, dishes, cups, trays or any food or beverage other than a dessert or to-go meal from the restaurant is considered theft and is prohibited. 

A14. Smoking and Vaping

  1. Smoking or use of a vape of any kind is not permitted within the hotel. This prohibition is inclusive of the use of all tobacco and nicotine products, including cigarettes, cigars, smokeless tobacco, electronic cigarettes, and other tobacco products.
  2. Violating any other policy while smoking or using other tobacco products is prohibited.

A16. Theft and Unauthorized Use

  1. Theft or the unauthorized use or possession of any property, equipment and/or resources when the student had knowledge or reasonably should have had knowledge that it was the property, equipment and/or resources of the hotel or any other person or entity is prohibited. This includes removal of equipment/furniture from, and sleeping overnight in, common areas, and being in possession of any other property. 
  2. Use of any hotel resources for a for-profit activity is prohibited.

A17. Threat to Health and Safety

  1. Participation in activities or disturbances that threaten the health and safety of yourself or others is prohibited.
  2. Inability to exercise care for one’s own safety due to consumption of alcohol or other controlled substances is prohibited. This includes need for medical attention, inability to function without assistance, unconsciousness, incoherent or disoriented behavior, and loss of control of bodily functions.

A18. Throwing Objects

  1. Throwing, dropping, or projecting objects, substances, or liquids from, into, or within any hotel facility is prohibited. 

A19. Trespass and Restricted Access

  1. Entrance to any private room or normally locked building or common area without following security procedures or obtaining appropriate permission from an RA /professor/hotel management is prohibited. This includes failing to show proper identification when requested. 
  2. Accessing known or marked restricted areas is prohibited. This includes roof access doors, rooftops, ledges, seismic bracing, fire escapes, construction areas, and any other area or space that signage or a hotel staff member declares to be restricted. 
  3. Entrance to or exit of the hotel building through a window or emergency exit door during non-emergency situations is prohibited. 

A20. Verbal Harassment

  1. Verbal or written statements that intimidate, harass, coerce or threaten others or their property are prohibited. This includes images, all modes of electronic communication, and social media.
  2. Verbal or written statements that intimidate, harass, coerce or threaten a staff member or their property are prohibited; this includes verbal or written statements that may prevent or interfere with a staff member’s ability to perform their work. This includes images, all modes of electronic communication, and social media. 

A21. Weapons and Dangerous Instruments

  1. Possession of weapons, firearms (with or without a permit), tasers, knives with a blade over 2.5 inches in length, dangerous instruments, or any other weapon prohibited or regulated by state, local, or federal law, within hotel facilities is prohibited. This includes use or possession of sporting items such as BB guns, paintball guns, and archery equipment. Also included are similar items used for decorative purposes and items rendered inoperable.

Section B: Hotel Policies

B1. Animals

  1. All animals are prohibited from the hotel. A student may request the approval of an accommodation or assistive animal (link is external) in accordance with Title II of the ADA, Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Fair Housing Act. 

B2. Fire Safety

  1. Misuse or interference with fire safety equipment such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, sprinklers, door closers, safety lights, or exit signs is prohibited. 
  2. Failure to evacuate immediately when an emergency alarm sounds and/or disregarding evacuation procedures is prohibited.
  3. Exceeding hotel fire code capacity of four persons per room is prohibited

B3. Fire Hazards

  1. Use or possession of explosives, flammable substances, or any object that creates an open flame is prohibited. Examples include firecrackers, gasoline, lighter fluid, candles, incense, hookahs, and flame starters. 
  2. Blocking indoor or outdoor stairwells, corridors, pedestrian paths with bicycles, mopeds, or any personal item is prohibited. Examples include locking bikes to railings, leaving shoes, umbrellas, or other objects in the hallway, or parking moped on walkways. 
  3. Use or possession of appliances that produce heat or flame are prohibited. 
  4. Halogen lamps and decorative string lights are not permitted.
  5. Use or possession of cookouts and BBQ is not permitted. 

B4. Furniture, Appliances, and Lofted Beds

  1. The hotel provided furniture may not be removed from rooms. Furniture may not be assembled in other structures not originally designed to support it. 

B5. Keys

  1. Possession, duplication, misuse of hotel keys and key cards, including loaning keys to any other person, or  leaving a key unattended in the lock, is prohibited.
  2. Each student may receive two lockouts per academic year. Additional lockouts are considered excessive and a violation of policy that may be subject to a $25 service fee per lockout.

B6. Motorized Vehicles

  1. Motorized vehicles, including scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, hoverboards, smart boards, and balancing boards may not be operated, charged, or stored within hotel facilities; except for the parking deck.

B7. Tampering

  1. Tampering with or removing windows, window security screens, or window stops is prohibited.
  2. Tampering with doors, or interfering with door locks, hinges, or closures is prohibited.
  3. Tampering, interfering with or manipulating the elevators and related machinery is prohibited. Examples include removing button plates, pulling open or closed doors, touching wiring or lighting, jumping up and down in the carriage, and pushing the alarm bell unnecessarily.

B8. Unauthorized Storage

  1. Students are not permitted to store personal items outside of assigned rooms, including common areas, lounges, and restrooms. This prohibition is inclusive of the storage of bikes Bikes may only be sites in designated parking or bike storage areas.

B9. Vandalism and Damage

  1. Removing, defacing, damaging, or destroying hotel property or the property of others, including, breaking windows and doors, drawing on walls, and disposing of trash outside of appropriate receptacles is prohibited.


Section C: Common Area Policies

C1. Common Area Use

  1. Common area space may not be used for unapproved group meetings or for the purpose of prohibiting its use by other guests. 

C2. Posting

  1. Posting within the hotel facilities is prohibited except in the designated meeting rooms for students - college banners and message boards will be allowed in the meeting rooms: Fell A, B, and C (provided that hotel management is notified and provides assistance in hanging of any items in these rooms.
  2. Posings by guests on doors and windows is prohibited. 

C3. Solicitation of Services or Products

  1. Solicitation of any service, product, or organization in or around the hotel is prohibited.


Should you need any assistance during your stay, please feel free to speak to our friendly and professional staff by dialing “0” from your guest room phone or by stopping by the Front Desk. 


Connect Transit Information

This pamphlet for IWU students shows service on the GREEN line from Uptown Normal to campus and back. Southbound, it takes about 7-8 minutes to get from Uptown Station (Marriott) to Union Street and Center Street, which is near U-Haul across from Ferguson Hall. Northbound, students would pick up the service at University and Main Street, near Pfeiffer, with the same 7-8 minute trip to Uptown Station (Marriott). 

Currently, the buses run as follows:

Monday-Wednesday   6:00 a.m. to 9:45 p.m.

Thursday                     6:00 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

Friday                          6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Saturday                      7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. 

Sunday                        7:00 a.m. to 6:45 p.m.