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Rights & Responsibilities

Health care is a cooperative effort between the patient and providers.

Patient Rights

  • To receive high quality, accessible, culturally sensitive medical care
  • To be treated with respect, consideration and dignity
  • To have confidential treatment of all communication and records relating to you.
  • To select and/or change your health care provider
  • To receive complete, current information regarding diagnosis, treatment, and prognosis in understandable terms prior to treatment
  • To participate in decisions involving your care
  • To have access to other medical opinions before making treatment decisions
  • To voice any grievance and/or suggestions without fear of discrimination
  • To have access to health education materials.

Patient Responsibilities

  • To seek medical attention promptly
  • To present details of condition in a clear direct manner
  • To respond to providers and other staff with respect and consideration
  • To ask for clarification if information or instructions are not understood
  • To be on time for physician appointments and if unable to keep an appointment, to cancel immediately so another patient can be scheduled at that time
  • To comply with treatment plan
  • To seek non-emergency care during regular hours
  • To communicate to Health Services all concerns regarding your health care providers, Health Services personnel and Health Services policies
  • To know the names, purposes and effects of medications prescribed to you
  • To pay promptly any bills that you have incurred.

When you have questions, please ask.
When you are satisfied, please comment.
When you are not satisfied, please let us know.