Returning to Campus


Faculty and Staff - Health Protocols

Safeguarding the health and well-being of all members of our community will be a shared commitment. We cannot prevent all illness, but we can, individually and collectively, take affirmative steps to greatly reduce the risk of illness for ourselves and for others.  

Individual Health Expectations:

  • Hand-washing:  Wash hands frequently and use hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible.
  • Face-coverings:  Wear face coverings consistent with CDC guidelines when interacting with others or in common areas. Please think of face coverings as an article of clothing – essential to an appropriate workplace.
  • In some high-traffic reception areas, plexiglas shields will be erected, to replace or supplement masks for shielded employees.
  • Distancing:  Maintain distances of 6 feet when possible.  
  • Monitoring:  Monitor symptoms suggestive of COVID-19 daily and report symptoms including temperatures of 100.4 or higher to supervisor.  
      • Employees should not come to work if they are feeling ill or have any COVID-19 symptoms. Discuss COVID-19-like symptoms with your primary care provider to determine your best health response.
      • If you have been exposed to a known COVID-19 positive individual, consult with the McLean County Health Department and your primary care provider on recommended health measures, including the potential for testing and self-isolation. If testing is recommended, employees should not return to work until negative results are known. Use this form to report your need to self-isolate.
  • Travel:  Employees who travel should follow CDC travel guidelines regarding isolation upon return.
  • Self-advocating:  We will each have different personal needs and comfort levels with these health and safety measures; however, these expectations are in place for all members of our community. We empower you to self-advocate for your needs, especially in support of these established expectations. Respectful, but firm, reminders directly to students, colleagues and guests will help establish clear norms. This will require a community-wide commitment. 

Environmental Health Expectations:

The value of being together in our shared physical space is the opportunity to deliver the core work of the university. Together, we communicate more effectively, are more responsive to constituent needs, brainstorm and problem solve collaboratively, and realize a shared understanding of our work priorities. Simply put, it is much easier to be on the same page and deliver for students. 

  • Review your space:  Each department needs to assess their current space to be compliant with best practice health guidance. Remove high-touch items like magazines, common pens, etc. Consider where student employees may be seated, to account for distancing requirements. If you have questions about safeguarding the office environment, please contact Human Resources, Physical Plant or a member of the Health Expectations work group to consult on best strategies.
  • Be available and healthy:  Although we want to be back together to increase our effectiveness, our work connections will look different. Employees may choose to leave their doors closed while working with signage inviting people to knock and don a mask prior to entering. Meetings may be conducted outside or virtually, due to physical distancing requirements, group size or sustained contact concerns. Employees may explore whether in-person meetings should be relocated to larger offices/spaces or held virtually. 
  • Be together and careful:  COVID-19 guidance suggests that sustained contact with others and high-touch surfaces are problematic. Group gatherings in common spaces (break rooms) should be avoided and the use of common touch items (like coffee pots, toasters and microwaves) should be eliminated.  

University Health Expectations:  Cleaning Protocols

  • Enhanced cleaning:  Physical Plant has implemented enhanced cleaning procedures to help ensure the health of the campus community. High-touch surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected using EPA-registered disinfectant products that are effective against human coronavirus.
  • Your role:  Members of the campus community are encouraged to keep their personal workspace clean throughout the day, and to disinfect high-touch surfaces and objects (e.g., desk, chair, phone, keyboard, cabinet/file drawer handles), especially in shared spaces, to reduce the spread of germs on campus. 
  • Cleaning supplies:  Physical Plant Custodial Services should serve as the source for obtaining and distributing cleaning supplies. Custodial Services is in the process of developing a plan to support this initiative. 

COVID-19 has caused many personal stressors. Please remember that our Employee Assistance Program is available to employees who are in need of assistance. For covered employees, Blue Cross Blue Shield continues to offer mental health services – both in-person and via telehealth with MDLive.

As Illinois and IWU “return to normal,” we have seen many different approaches to health and safety and people will relax the standards for disease prevention. As a dense residential campus, we must maintain our vigilance and commitment to these safety standards for everyone’s health. Please help us create campus norms that embrace these safety protocols.  As staff and faculty, we must model these expectations for students.  

If you have any questions, please contact Human Resources regarding employee needs or for COVID-specific information.

We will continue to adjust our guidelines according to state and public health recommendations.