FAQ - Spring 2021

General FAQ - Campus COVID-19 Response

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What is the plan for the spring semester? 

We are still planning to return to in-person classes on January 13 with renewed commitments to health and well-being. If the Governor announces restrictions on in-person education, we will update the campus community as soon as any new decisions are made. 

What are the COVID-19 protocols for students' return to campus?

Baseline testing:  All students who will be in-person at IWU for any activity this spring will need to participate in campus baseline PCR testing (regardless of where you live or if all your classes are online). 

All students must select their arrival time block on Sign-up Genius. If you have tested positive for COVID-19 since October 9 and have your diagnosis documented with Arnold Health Services, you do not need to participate in baseline testing. If you have a positive test result that has not yet been shared with Arnold Health Services, please email documentation of the results to Arnold Health Services (healthservices@iwu.edu).  

Pre-return recommendations:  We encourage all members of our campus community to consider “pre-return” quarantines that limit interactions with others outside our immediate families, when possible.

Additionally, if you are feeling ill at all, please do not return to campus until you’ve consulted with Arnold Health Services. Starting January 4, contact Arnold Health Services to discuss your symptoms and plans.

Is there a plan for distributing vaccines to students?

We are monitoring the availability of the vaccine to the general public and will be making recommendations as this guidance evolves.  

Will there be changes to the health protocols on campus this spring?  

Currently, there are many changes to health protocol guidance being proposed by the CDC. We are reviewing these changes with a clear eye to understanding the science related to highly dense residential populations. We will share changes to our protocols prior to our return in January.