The Alliance

The Alliance

BFSA 2017
The Alliance Members at our monthly meeting - join us in Cartwright the 2nd Monday at noon of every month!
BFSA with Teresa Haley at 2018 MLK Teach In
The Alliance Meeting IL NAACP President Teresa Haley at the 2018 MLK Day Teach-In


The mission of The Alliance is to support all faculty, staff and students of color at IWU through mentorship, networking, and fostering a sense of community. We strive to hold Illinois Wesleyan and each other accountable to our mission that values diversity, equity, and inclusion through programming and open dialogue at all levels. We will support our students of color as they pursue their academic and career goals by creating networking and funding opportunities that traditionally have not been accessible to all.


The Alliance meets in the Memorial Center Cartwright Room every 2nd Monday at noon. For more information, contact co-chairs Sharla Brown-Ajayi and Brandon Common or Hannah Mesouani

The Alliance assists current IWU students with mentoring and nominal financial needs. If you would like to contribute to this purpose, please direct your donations to the Academic Affairs Restricted Fund through the Advancement Office.


For information on upcoming events, click here!


As always, we are here to reaffirm to all that Black Lives Matter.


Black Lives Matter