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Spring 2023 ODI Events & Programming

3D: Diversity, Dialogue, & Dignity

The 3D Series presents a line up of events that provide educational and culturally relevant experiences for the campus community. These can range from workshops, trainings and presentations, to documentaries, live sessions with speakers, and cultural celebrations. Each 3D event is open to all students, faculty and staff and spread out throughout each semester. The events are created with an intended purpose to be an informative tool for all who attend.

Previous 3D Events:

A promotinal flyer dicussing redlining in the city of Chicago

3D Redlining and the Lasting Impact of Housing Discrimination:  The past 3D event featured a former alumna Chloe Bell '19 speaking on the research she did on discrimination that affects racial or ethnic groups over a specific geographical area that has been built into the government policy that has resulted in systemic denial of progress and services for minorities.

A promotional flyer that discussed the results from the previous year's bias incident report.

  3D Bias Incident Report: A past 3D event that discussed the previous year's bias incident report. A town hall gathering showcasing the report was open to the public on last year's bias incident report. The town hall was facilitated by Dean of Students for Inclusion and Advocacy, Prince Robertson.Other who were also apart of facilitating the meeting were Sharla Brown-Ajayi who is the Director of the Office of Diversity & Inclusion and Assistant Director for the Office of Diversity & Inclusion Raylene Gomez Hernandez.

Promotional Flyer for the 3Devent focused on land Acknowledgement

  3D Land Acknowledgment:  Dr. Davidson shares her personal experiences as a Diné woman and how they shaped her views about how to place consciousness provides a leadership skill in higher education. This conversation aimed to highlight how to land acknowledgment can be used in a meaningful and deliberate way. 

Raylene Gomez Hernandez - Assistant Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

Department - Office Of Diversity & Inclusion