The 3D Series is a campus-wide collaboration to have engaging and thought-provoking dialogue on Thursdays at 7pm in State Farm Hall 102 (unless noted otherwise). All events are open to the IWU campus community.

Fall 2017 Programs

  • September 7: The Colonized Black Body: Parallels in Between the World and Me and Get Out    

    Facilitated by Greta Franklin, Director, Office of Diversity and Inclusion

  • September 14: "Let's Pow Wow! Native American Traditions Yesterday & Today"  

    Facilitated by Rebecca Gearhart Mafazy, Professor of Anthropology

  • September 19 (Special Date): Human Rights Workshop,  "Freedom of Expression on the College Campus:  Rights and Responsibilities"  

    4:30 - 7:00 p.m., Joslin Atrium and various locations in the Memorial Center

  • September 28:  The Whole World is Texting:  Youth Protest in the Information Age  

    Presented by Irv Epstein, Professor in Peace and Social Justice, Chair of Educational Studies 

  • October 5:  Walk a Mile  

    Sexual and domestic violence awareness event in which men walk in high heel shoes to bring awareness to the cause. Meet at the stairs of Joslin Atrium at 6:45 p.m.    

  • October 26:  Interfaith Speaker  

    Sponsored by the Chaplain's Office and IWU Interfaith

  • November 2 - Transgender People of Color   

     Sponsored by PRIDE Alliance

  • November 9 - Accent and Cultural Identity  

    Facilitated by Carmela Ferradans, Professor of Hispanic Studies and Joanne Diaz, Associate Professor of English

  • November 16 - Program sponsored by Spanish and Latino Students Association (SALSA)  


  •  November 30 - Kwanzaa  

    Celebrate Kwanzaa, a cultural celebration of family and community utilizing African American and pan-African traditions. Kwanzaa celebrations usually include food, music, dancing and poetry. Sponsored by the Black Student Association. 

  • December 7- Light the Night   

    Join IWU students for a multifaith, multicultural and musical evening as students tell stories and share traditions of the holidays of light. Sponsored by the Chaplain's Office.