Student Senate CAB Director

Wah Chook

Wah Chook

Graduation Year: 2022


Mission Statement: The Campus Activities Board was created to better fulfill the liberal arts mission of Illinois Wesleyan University by offering a vast range of enjoyable, educational, and interactive “co-curricular” experiences for students, faculty and staff. The Campus Activities Board was designed to build better unity between the Office of Student Involvement  and the Illinois Wesleyan University Student Senate. The primary purpose of CAB is to propose, plan, promote, and execute a range of activities created to serve diverse cultural, social, educational and sustainable interests of the IWU community.  

Duties: Chair the Campus Activities Board, serve on the university speakers committee and homecoming committee, provide campus-wide programming in collaboration with others, provide the student body with one large scale event every year, and attend or appoint a representative to atted NACA Mid-America.