Reservable Spaces

Most rooms on campus are available to reserve through our reservation system, R25.  Explore the spaces below.  You can check the room availability and make reservation requests on 25Live.  If you do not already have an 25Live account, please go here to find instructions on how to obtain one.

Memorial Student Center  Memorial Center

Hansen Student Center  Hansen Student Center

Evelyn Chapel  Evelyn Chapel

State Farm Hall  Classrooms

Ames Library  Ames Library

Outdoor Spaces  Outdoor Spaces


For questions regarding specific campus locations, please contact the scheduler for the space:


Ames Library Katy Ritter 3172
Chapel Reservations Jennifer Jordan 3555
Weddings Anna Compton 3035
Classroom Buildings Anne Niepagen 3386
Hansen Center Court Jennifer Jordan 3555
Memorial Center Jennifer Jordan 3555
Outdoor Spaces Jennifer Jordan 3555
Presser / Westbrook Jane Smolen 3062
Shirk Center Tony Bankston 3196
Wilder House Michelle Wu 3591
Any space not otherwise included in this list Jennifer Jordan 3555

External clients reserving the Shirk Center please contact Tony Bankston.
External clients reserving any space please visit the Conference Services page.