Special Report from President Wilson

April 10, 2012

TO: Faculty, Staff, and Students

FROM: Richard F. Wilson, President

TOPIC: Special Report

A few weeks ago, I notified you about the death of Brandon Landau following a Sigma Pi Fraternity event at White Pines State Park on March 2-3, 2012. Subsequently, you received a report from me that outlined an interim suspension of the fraternity based on preliminary information about the activities that took place that weekend. That interim suspension was to remain in effect pending results of a thorough review conducted by the Office of Judicial Affairs and a hearing before the All-University Judicial Committee.

The investigation of this incident and the hearing for the Sigma Pi Fraternity have been completed. The AUJC has found the Sigma Pi Fraternity responsible for serious violations of Student Code of Conduct policies at an unregistered, off-campus event with respect to the use of alcohol and marijuana and the lack of attention to adequate safeguards for ensuring the health and well-being of those in attendance. The following sanctions have been imposed:

·       The Sigma Pi Fraternity will be suspended as a registered student organization for three years with eligibility to return in the fall of 2015.

·       During the term of suspension, no organized activity may occur, including meetings, socials, recruitment, or other gatherings of the chapter.

·       The fraternity may request reinstatement in 2015 and, if approved, will remain on probation for an additional four years.

The fraternity has the right to appeal these sanctions in accordance with policies outlined in the Student Handbook. Student Affairs staff will assist current Sigma Pi members as they deal with these sanctions and look for new ways to be involved in meaningful activities as students at IWU.

These sanctions do not imply a lack of confidence in the Greek system at Illinois Wesleyan. We shall continue to support a high-quality fraternity and sorority community, one that provides opportunities for members to excel academically, to assume leadership roles, to engage in service projects, and to enjoy a healthy and safe social environment.

Illinois Wesleyan remains committed to a strong and safe community. The Task Force on Off-Campus Events that I appointed a few weeks ago will begin meeting this semester and continue its efforts into the fall. The work of this Task Force will focus on ways to enhance off-campus event policies and practices to help maintain safe environments for all students. In this regard, I applaud the Inter-fraternity Council's recent initiative to appoint a task force of fraternity representatives to explore risk management practices among their organizations.

I would like to thank the All-University Judicial Committee for its commitment to upholding the University's Student Code of Conduct. We value the campus judicial process as a reflection of our community values, our efforts to foster ethical decision-making, and our dedication to a learning process that places a premium on accountability.