President's Special Report to the Campus Community

March 21, 2012

To:  Faculty, Staff and Students

From:  Richard F. Wilson, President

Topic:  President's Special Report to the Campus Community

The tragic death of IWU student Brandon Landau has shocked the entire campus and leaves everyone searching for ways to console his friends and help the Landau family through this very difficult time.  The circumstances surrounding his death also give rise to a desire to do everything possible to keep something like this from happening in the future.

Vice President for Student Affairs Karla Carney-Hall and her staff are conducting a thorough review of all activities related to Brandon's death following a Sigma Pi fraternity event at White Pines State Park.  This review will focus on three areas:  (1) the incident itself, (2) campus policies regarding off-campus events, and (3) enhancements to current education initiatives that support healthy and responsible behavior at events of this type.

The Office of Judicial Affairs, through the efforts of Associate Dean Darcy L. Greder, started an investigation immediately after the incident.  The chapter leadership of Sigma Pi moved quickly to self-impose social probation on the fraternity.  In support of this action and after a preliminary investigation, Dean Greder concluded it was appropriate to impose an interim suspension of the fraternity.  During an interim suspension, chapter activities are restricted to meetings and then only with an advisor present.  The investigation is continuing and will culminate in an All-University Judicial Council hearing as outlined in our Student Code of Conduct.

Additionally, I will be appointing a Task Force to undertake a review of campus policies and procedures related to off-campus social events. This comprehensive review will consider the safety and well-being of students who attend such events.  The Task Force will also determine what enhancements may be appropriate to our current alcohol education initiatives that promote healthy and responsible behavior at off-campus events.  A report will be provided to Dr. Carney-Hall who will share adopted recommendations with the campus community.

The Task Force will be chaired by Dr. Annorah Moorman (Assistant Dean and Director of Counseling and Consultation Services) and will include Linda Kunce (Associate Professor of Psychology and faculty representative to the Student Life Committee), Bob Rogers (Mental Health Counselor), Blake Bradley (Director of Fraternity and Sorority Life), and two students selected by Student Senate.

The safety and well-being of all students is of paramount importance to the University.  Brandon Landau's death is a tragic reminder of this responsibility.