Michelle Stone, Class of 2001

  1. Post-Graduation:
    J.D., University of Georgia School of Law, 2004.

  2. Current Career:
    Insurance Coverage Attorney with Bates & Carey LLP focusing on Director & Officer Liability and other professional lines.

  3. Some of the Rewards and Challenges of this Position:
    Investigating, understanding and analyzing the underlying litigation, which can have its own complexities, and then assessing coverage available based on that information is both rewarding and challenging. 

  4. Your most Exciting or Worthwhile Experience in this Position:
    Working as insurance coverage counsel on major securities and derivative lawsuits (WorldCom; Disney; Broadcom; Bear Stearns), antitrust lawsuits (Microsoft, contingent commission cases involving Marsh), and employment practices lawsuits (Allstate Fair Labor Standards Act; Merrill Lynch discrimination). 

  5. How did the education you received from Illinois Wesleyan's Political Science Department help prepare you for this position?
    Development and proper use of critical thinking skills; development of inquisitive nature and investigative skills; development of analytical skills; learning how to be engaged and proactive when taking in new information. 

  6. Advice for Wesleyan's Current Political Science Majors:
    Do all you can to do as much as you can academically and personally while you are at IWU; take on new challenges; get to know, trust and listen to your professors and your peers; take no opportunity or moment for granted.