Summer Enrichment Program
Recommendation Form

Form due at 4 PM on Friday, January 24, 2014

The Summer Enrichment Program provides students with the opportunity to spend the summer in Bloomington/Normal. Paid internship opportunities in the community is one focal point of the program. Room, board, and activity fees are included as a part of the program. Volunteer opportunities, leadership training, and diversity experiences are also integral parts of the Summer Enrichment Program.

While in the program, students will enhance their academic potential, career development and commitment to service. Students must be enrolled for fall semester 2014 to be considered for the Summer Enrichment Program.

The SEP Selection Committee will consider your comments in choosing the best students for this program. We thank you in advance for your efforts.

Name of Student: 

Recommender:  Title: 

Faculty Staff Supervisor Other:

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1. How well do you know the student? Please check one:

slightly fairly well very well

2. Under what circumstances do you know the candidate, and how frequently do you interact with him/her?

3. What are the applicant's strengths, and how do you see those strengths aiding him/her to be successful in the Summer Enrichment Program?

4. What reservations do you have about the applicant's participation in the Summer Enrichment Program?

5. Other relevant comments:


Please rate the applicant on the following: Above Average Average Below Average No Opportunity to Observe
As a student: sincere interest in learning, willingness to learn in and out of the classroom setting
Acceptance of Others: has a positive regard for others and is tolerant of different ideas and lifestyles
Flexibility/attitude/open-mindedness: adapts to new or changing conditions and accepts them naturally
Maturity: self-directed, self-motivated and self disciplined, but with a genuine regard and concern for others and for human relationships
Responsibility: reliable, dependable, consistent and conscientious
Community/leadership: capacity for genuine empathy and concern, ability to live and work with others, ability to assume responsibility with and for others, capacity to harmoniously organize and execute a project with others

Based on your ratings and comments above, would you recommend this applicant for the Summer Enrichment Program?

yes, without reservations yes, with some reservations

yes, reluctantly no, I do not recommend him/her