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Bringing Ideas to Life

Treating design, technology, and entrepreneurship equally, a new major equips IWU students with skills to tackle real-world problems and bring new products and services to the marketplace.

Alumni Investment in Student Innovation Pays Many Kinds of Dividends

Student Credits University Support for Mobile Fitness Launch

Student Businesses Take Off, Thanks to Fellowships and Alumni Support

For Dave Petrick '67, the spirit of entrepreneurship is contagious

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A Day to Remember

As Mother Nature delivered a picture-perfect day for Commencement 2017, some 400 graduates and their guests honored venerated traditions and toasted new beginnings.

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Forward Thinking

After recovering from a paralyzing fall, Sam Porritt '84 launched a foundation to help others with debilitating conditions and limited health insurance to get the rehavilitation therapy they need.

toc global Curiosity and What to Make of It

According to Prof. Mafazy, "You don’t have to be an anthropologist to let your curiosity about different ways of being in the world take you on little journeys of discovery."

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From the President's Desk

In his quarterly letter to our readers, IWU President Eric Jensen reflects on the start of a new academic year and new challenges on the horizon for the liberal arts.



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