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Spring 2017

What's inside

Getting into Focus

“Cocoon,” a photograph by Anna Kerr-Carpenter ’17, won the Dyke Alumni Award during the 30th annual Juried Student Art Exhibition and BFA/BA Senior Art Exhibits. Calling the photo a “self-portrait of sorts,” Kerr-Carpenter is underneath the blanket. The photo represents the desire “to crawl into a cocoon of blankets away from the world when things get stressful or scary, but always re-emerging renewed, like a butterfly,” Kerr-Carpenter said of her inspiration in setting up the shot.

Cosmic Perspective

As head carpenter for The Beatles LOVE, Ben Stephenson ’00 creates astonishing new audience experiences that keep the Las Vegas favorite flying high.

Playing to Win

IWU Wind Ensemble hits high note with prestigious American Prize.

A Basketball World

Jac Jemc ’05 developed her award-winning first novel as an IWU student. With a new book set for release by a major publisher, she reflects on setbacks and successes in a famously tough business. 

Life in Motion

Guest choreographer Jessica Deahr ’04 stretches Illinois Wesleyan dance students to their limits.

Titans Deliver

Vera (Leopold) Miller ’05 organized a campaign to send handwritten cards to each of IWU’s 161 international students expressing encouragement and pride in their accomplishment.

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Summer 2017

What's inside

Bringing Ideas to Life

Treating design, technology, and entrepreneurship equally, a new major equips IWU students with skills to tackle real-world problems and bring new products and services to the marketplace.

A Day to Remember

As Mother Nature delivered a picture-perfect day for Commencement 2017, some 400 graduates and their guests honored venerated traditions and toasted new beginnings.

Forward Thinking

After recovering from a paralyzing fall, Sam Porritt '84 launched a foundation to help others with debilitating conditions and limited health insurance to get the rehavilitation therapy they need.

Curiosity and What to Make of It

According to Prof. Mafazy, "You don’t have to be an anthropologist to let your curiosity about different ways of being in the world take you on little journeys of discovery."

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