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Opera Outreach

IWU students, faculty and alumni make opera come alive for a new generation — and learn that kids can be among the toughest and most appreciative audiences. At right, music performance major Megan Callison ’16 plays the lead role in There’s a Martian in the Opera House, performed this spring at schools across the area. (Photo by Marc Featherly)

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A Cause for Life

Kelly Wittich ’00 knew nothing about congenital heart defects until her daughter was born with one. She now wants to raise awareness regarding this most common and deadly of all birth defects.

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Never Forget

As the child of Holocaust survivors, Harry Heuman ’69 teaches children how simple intolerance and apathy can lead to unimaginable suffering.

toc global Life-Changing Assistance

To improve the lives of people in rural Honduras, Meaghan Mormann ’16 served four IWU Global Brigades. She writes how her experiences changed how she sees the world.

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 A Lifelong Connection

To build new bridges between Titan alumni and students, Elly Jones ’91 takes inspiration from her own college experience.

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The Kindred Collection

The life of a great sportswriter and IWU alumnus is revealed in new archives collection.


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From the President's Desk

In his quarterly letter to our readers, IWU President Eric Jensen reflects on the start of a new academic year and new challenges on the horizon for the liberal arts.



 Titan Celebrations, Summer 2016


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