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Appetite for Discovery

Tucci Professor of Hispanic Studies Carolyn Nadeau’s research reveals how — in history, culture and identity — we truly are what we eat. At right, Nadeau delights in researching and preparing recipes from past centuries. (Photo by Marc Featherly)

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Nowhere to Hide

Led by performance artist Andrew Schneider ’03, theatre students conducted an experiment in bravery on the Lab Theatre stage.



Preparing Tomorrow’s Nurses

Renovations transform the School of Nursing as it readies students for the challenges of a rapidly changing field. 

toc sanchez Leaving Her Mark

In designing a mural for the campus Multicultural Center, Lucy Sanchez ’17 reflected on what it means to be a part of the IWU community.

toc glasker

Reclaiming the Past

Angie Glasker ’05 strives to preserve Native American culture and history to help amend centuries-old injustices.

toc homecoming

Family Album

Homecoming 2016 paid tribute to some of IWU’s many heroes — from a fallen Marine to alumni who helped bring a civil rights legend to campus.


toc awards

Best of the Best

Three notable alumni were honored at Homecoming 2016.



From the President's Desk

toc jensen

A quarterly letter to our readers from IWU President Eric Jensen.

Titan Celebrations, Fall 2016


Classmates reunited for special events.



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