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Winter 2016

What's inside

Opening Vistas

For an annual photo contest, students offer more than beautiful images — they give a glimpse into the changing perspectives that study abroad provides. 

A Labor of Love

As head carpenter for The Beatles LOVE, Ben Stephenson ’00 creates astonishing new audience experiences that keep the Las Vegas favorite flying high.

The Many Lives of Stephen Pan

Stephen S.T. Pan ’55 survived years of war and many brushes with death before starting a new life at IWU. At age 93, he looks back on his journey with both gratitude and amazement.

A Novel Approach

Jac Jemc ’05 developed her award-winning first novel as an IWU student. With a new book set for release by a major publisher, she reflects on setbacks and successes in a famously tough business. 

Financial Aid Reformer

In making the federal form for grants and loans easier to file, Ed Pacchetti ’91 gives students better access to aid they need to achieve their college dreams.

Signature Initiative

Strategic plans are underway to expand on the rich faculty-student interaction and experiential learning opportunities that set the University apart. 

Seizing Opportunity

While their classmates enjoyed a few more days of winter break, 17 of the University’s accounting majors stepped into the workforce as paid interns with public accounting firms.

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Fall 2016

What's inside

Appetite for Discovery

Tucci Professor of Hispanic Studies Carolyn Nadeau’s research reveals how — in history, culture and identity — we truly are what we eat.

Nowhere to Hide

Led by performance artist Andrew Schneider ’03, theatre students conducted an experiment in bravery on the Lab Theatre stage.

Preparing Tomorrow’s Nurses

Renovations transform the School of Nursing as it readies students for the challenges of a rapidly changing field. 

Leaving Her Mark

In designing a mural for the campus Multicultural Center, Lucy Sanchez ’17 reflected on what it means to be a part of the IWU community.

Reclaiming the Past

Angie Glasker ’05 strives to preserve Native American culture and history to help amend centuries-old injustices.

Family Album

Homecoming 2016 paid tribute to some of IWU’s many heroes — from a fallen Marine to alumni who helped bring a civil rights legend to campus.

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Summer 2016

What's inside

Opera Outreach

IWU students, faculty and alumni make opera come alive for a new generation — and learn that kids can be among the toughest and most appreciative audiences. At right, music performance major Megan Callison ’16 plays the lead role in There’s a Martian in the Opera House, performed this spring at schools across the area. (Photo by Marc Featherly)

A Cause for Life

Kelly Wittich ’00 knew nothing about congenital heart defects until her daughter was born with one. She now wants to raise awareness regarding this most common and deadly of all birth defects.

Never Forget

 As the child of Holocaust survivors, Harry Heuman ’69 teaches children how simple intolerance and apathy can lead to unimaginable suffering.

Life-Changing Assistance

To improve the lives of people in rural Honduras, Meaghan Mormann ’16 served four IWU Global Brigades. She writes how her experiences changed how she sees the world.

A Lifelong Connection

To build new bridges between Titan alumni and students, Elly Jones ’91 takes inspiration from her own college experience.

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Spring 2016

What's inside

Confidence Building

With alumni as their guides, students had a variety of experiences on the inaugural Career Immersion Excursion in Chicago, led by IWU’s Hart Career Center. 

A Signature Moment

In inaugurating Eric R. Jensen as its 19th president, the University embraces strong traditions and new opportunities to grow.

Essential Reading

A book by David Priess ’93 sheds light on the world’s most vital and tightly guarded publication: the President’s Daily Brief.

Work That Matters 

Four young alumni share the highs and lows of pursuing careers dedicated to helping others.

Shared Experience

At the IWU Council for Women’s annual summit, alumnae offer their talents and resources to help current students succeed.

A Flight of Imagination

Finding poetic inspiration on the quantum plane, physics major Julia Savich ’16 experiences the power of a liberal arts education.

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