From IWU Magazine, Spring 2015 issue

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When classes end Friday, there are 48 hours for students to explore activities and events that energize every corner of campus.


When we set out to do a photo essay covering campus life over a single weekend, we consulted the experts. Students told us to consider shooting the third weekend in February. They reasoned there should be lots going on that Friday and Saturday night, before the action shifted back to academic mode for midterm exams, followed by spring break.

There was indeed a lot packed into that one weekend, though discovering details was sometimes a challenge. In the end, consulting students’ Facebook postings as well as printed posters and IWU’s online events calendar gave us many options.

In decades past, the campus once had a reputation for being a bit quiet on weekends. That changed, in part, due to the Hansen Student Center’s 2002 opening, combined with events programming that now packs each weekend with guest speakers, music and theatre performances, varsity and intramural athletics, residence hall and Greek activities, community volunteering and more. Still, the most popular activity hasn’t changed in more than 16 decades of campus life: hanging out with friends.

For the photos below, freelancer William Frank ’14 shot most of the photography. Fellow art major Makenna Merritt ’17 pitched in. University Athletics provided pictures of the Polar Plunge. With a large cast of students serving as their subjects, our crew did their best to capture a busy, but in many ways typical, weekend at Wesleyan.

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