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From IWU Magazine, Fall 2014

IWU 2020

Summary of Strategic Goals

The IWU 2020 strategic plan is a detailed, 30-page document, but its essence is captured in the following goals and objectives that will set priorities for University initiatives over the next six years. To read the plan in its entirety, go to

Illinois Wesleyan's Guiding Principles

The University drafted and adopted new mission and vision statements in 2003. Both received very minor revisions prior to launching IWU 2020 and were referenced by the plan’s work groups in determining priorities for the new strategic plan. The revised mission statement follows:

Illinois Wesleyan University, an independent, residential, liberal arts university founded in 1850, strives to attain the ideal of a liberal education while providing unique opportunities with distinctive curricula and programs. A liberal education at Illinois Wesleyan fosters creativity, critical thinking, effective communication, strength of character and a spirit of inquiry. Our curriculum deepens the specialized knowledge of a discipline with a comprehensive world view. The Illinois Wesleyan experience affords the greatest possibilities for realizing individual potential while preparing students for democratic citizenship and life in a global society. As the University pursues this ideal for all of our students, we help students to follow a wide range of career and life paths, offering diverse curricula in liberal arts, fine arts and professional programs as well as opportunities for interdisciplinary study and off-campus learning. The University, through our policies, programs and practices, is committed to diversity, social justice and environmental sustainability. A tightly knit, supportive university community, together with a variety of opportunities for close interaction with excellent faculty, both challenges and supports students in their personal and intellectual development.

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