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Winter 2014-15

What's inside

Musical Bridges : All the things that make Illinois Wesleyan’s School of Music special were on display in a 150th anniversary celebration of its founding.

Presidential Milestones : After more than a decade as IWU's President, Richard F. Wilson announces plans to retire.

In the Urban Arena : Bringing a new equestrian facility to the inner-city high school where she teaches, alumnus Maggie Kendall’s lifelong love of horses gallops full circle.

A Question of Fairness : In advocating same-sex marriage, Suzie Hutton ’90 helped change Illinois state law.

Wingspan : As a young boy, Ken Boyd ’61 fell in love with flying. Now retired, he’s returned to the skies in his own hand-crafted plane.

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Fall 2014

What's inside

Strength in Numbers: In dollars and participation, Titans kept the gears rolling to meet a historic challenge and transform students’ lives.

Gaining Traction: Whether collaborating with students on vital research or leading efforts to improve lab instruction nationwide, Professor Gabriel Spalding strives to move physics forward.

Forward Thinking: In its new strategic plan, IWU builds on traditional strengths while encouraging innovation to meet future challenges.

The Franken-camera Project: From the sublime to the ridiculous, Professor Kevin Strandberg transforms pieces and parts into sculpture and art.

The Freedom to Speak, Create and Dream: A multidisciplinary symposium examines the Iron Curtain’s fall from multiple perspectives.

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Summer 2014

What's inside

The Challenge to Be First First-generation students find growing support to help them clear the many obstacles they face.

Prime-Time Research : For 25 years, IWU’s John Wesley Powell Student Research Conference has served as an academic rite of passage, condensing hundreds of hours of scholarly and creative exploration into one climactic moment.

Reflection, Joy and Sunshine : Spirits ran high at May Commencement, while speakers called attention to the event’s deeper meaning.

From Stage To Page : Fueled by a passion to create, Aaron Reynolds ’92 parlayed his theatre background into success  as a children’s author.

Connection Maker : Retiring this spring, Ann Harding looks back on a career that helped change thousands of current and former IWU students’ lives for the better.

Four Years Later : Students profiled in IWU Magazine as first-year students reflect on their journey to graduation this May.

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state farm hall cover

Spring 2014

What's inside

An Intersection of Innovation : Through technology and innovative use of classroom space, State Farm Hall inspires new ways to teach and learn.

Out from the Shadows : In East Africa, people with albinism face a bleak fate. But Doug DuBois ’89 is leading efforts that offer real hope for a better life.

Three to Read : Illinois Wesleyan professors publish innovative scholarship and creative work.

A Framework for Change : A new center helps guide students as they grapple with complex issues of human rights and social justice.

Better Choices for the End of Life : Ethnographer Karla Erickson ’95 shares lessons that workers who care for the dying can teach us.

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