From IWU Magazine, Fall 2011

Shades of Green

From favorite films to what he thinks of Tommy Titan
Illinois Wesleyan’s new provost tackles the lightning round.

Jonathan D. Green prefers bow ties. (Photo by Marc Featherly)

Early music experience: “I played keyboards in a fairly awful garage band in high school.”

Favorite trip: Paris.

Favorite film: The Third Man, Citizen Kane and a lot of Hitchcock. He also has an annual tradition of watching Animal House the night before classes begin.

Bow ties: He calls them “nerd chic.” Green owns around 90 and wears them exclusively. He also collects fountain pens and uses them often. Among his favorites are an S.T. Dupont that clicks shut like the door of a new, fine car, a Pelikan and an antique Schaeffer.

Favorite TV: Chopped, a Food Network cooking competition series.

School mascots: At various times, Green has been associated with the Blue Devil (SUNY Fredonia) Sam the Minuteman (UMass), and the Vixen (Sweet Briar). He likes Tommy Titan. “It seems like a fun identity, suggesting power and antiquity but not taking itself too seriously,” he says.

Beer or his native upstate New York wine? “Actually, I’m more of a Burgundy guy,” he says.

Sports: Green says he was never the guy picked first for a team (and was often chosen last) but he really likes Division III athletics. “They play for the right reasons, and there’s so much personal growth that can come from playing Division III sports.” He’s looking forward to attending many Titan sporting events.

Alumni: “They are the confirmation of what we do,” Green says. He wants to hear their success stories and take them back to the University to share with students, with whom he intends to have “very high contact. It’s important for students to hear those alumni stories,” he explains. “This is what we say we do; here’s how it works out.”

Hobbies: Green and his wife, Lynn, are foodies. She’s more of a recipe follower. He reads recipes voraciously but likes to use his imagination to riff on fresh ingredients when he cooks.

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