Fall 2011 issue highlights


For her final photo portfolio, Mandy Kompanowski ’13 included this spectacular shot of a festival in Valencia, near Barcelona.

(Photo by Mandy Kompanowski ’13)


Arrivals and Departures

In their four-month Barcelona experience, students felt the joys and growing pains of living in a proudly different culture.


A Daring Choice
Selected as one of America’s top young black activists, Charlene Carruthers ’07 follows her passion for change.

The Power of Compromise
To end the gridlock of partisan politics, Brad McMillan ’83 calls for a renewed era of civility in public service.

Redemption in Shaw 203
When an award-winning columnist taught a May Term writing class, it was the students who took him to school.

Raising the Baton
As the University’s new provost, Jonathan D. Green plans to promote a collaborative tenor.


Goodbye, Sheean
Sheean Library is torn down, but memories linger.

Advancing Automation
Charles Hawker ’62 is honored for his pioneering work in clinical science.

Rewarding Work
Melissa Van Dyke ’99 engages the people side of business as president of Incentive Research Foundation.

Titan Celebrations


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