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Winter 2011-12

What's inside

Science Goes to Work: Kirk Schroeder '84, president and co-founder of Essen BioScience, creates high-tech innovations and American jobs.

Field Doctor: As team chiropractor for the Chicago Bears, Josh Akin '03 helps keep gridiron warriors at the top of their game.

Drawn from Life: Artwork by award-winning illustrator Patricia J. Wynne '67 captures both the fine details and essence of her subjects.

Improving with Age: Retired sociology professor and Senior Olympic athlete
D. Paul Miller reveals what keeps him going strong at 94.

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Fall 2011

What's inside

Arrivals and Departures: In their four-month Barcelona experience, students felt the joys and growing pains of living in a proudly different culture.

The Power of Compromise: To end the gridlock of partisan politics, Brad McMillan ’83 calls for a renewed era of civility in public service.

A Daring Choice: Selected as one of America’s top young black activists, Charlene Carruthers ’07 follows her passion for change.

Redemption in Shaw 203: When an award-winning columnist taught a May Term writing class, it was the students who took him to school.

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Summer 2011

What's inside

In Tune with History: As the nation commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, alumni help bring the era's music to life.

A Journey of Firsts: As they experienced their first year at Illinois Wesleyan, five students invited us along for the ride.

On the Write Track: The need to write well is promoted across the curriculum..

The Doctor of Jazz: Alumni and students raised their horns to salute Tom Streeter,who has kept jazz music alive and swinging at IWU for 40 years.

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Spring 2011

What's inside

Battle-Tested: A Lincoln laureate and Titan championship football player, Marcus Dunlop ’08 brings his competitive drive to Wall Street.

Finding His Voice: After singing at one of music’s great venues, Kyle Pfortmiller ’92 keeps focused on his family and the future.

Hope for Haiti: Sharing a commitment to help, alumni discover the resilience of an impoverished nation.

A Mission to Heal: A nursing alumna’s desire to help children with heart disease knows no boundaries.

A Life of Music: One of IWU’s longest-serving professors, R. Dwight Drexler dies at 98.

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