Titan Celebration Photos from Winter 2010-11 IWU Magazine

IWU Magazine considers for publication photos of IWU people at celebrations and reunions of alumni. Below are online version of photos that appeared in our magazine's printed version. 

Please send corrections for spellings or class years listed in our celebration photos by contacting our editor. (Click here to contact editor.)

Susan (Jaeger) Bartels ’03 wed Mark Bartels on July 10, 2010, in Chicago. Several 2003 alumnae joined them to celebrate the occasion.

(Front row, left to right): Norelle Torno ’03, the groom and the bride.

(Second row): Lauren Kaintz ’03, Tina (Meier) Nammari ’03 and Beth Humbert ’03.

(Back row): Susan Roth ’03, Crystal (Killilea) Ramos ’03, Tracy (Quinn) Costello ’03 and Eileen (Forde) Roth ’03.

Corinne Scarpaci ’04 wed Anthony Tutaj on Aug. 5, 2010 in Paris. Back in Chicago, the couple hosted a reception which several of Corinne’s Kappa Delta sisters attended.

(Front row, left to right): Katie (Baker) Hoover ’05, Sarah Mick ’04, Lindsey Gibson ’04, Tara (Soldan) Skole ’04, Kristin Gulinski ’04, Laura Pautz ’04, Amy Rohalla ’06, Julie Clarin ’06.

(Back row): Elizabeth Planas ’05, Cassie (Pribble) Gallagher ’04, the bride, the groom, Georgia Tetteh-Gikunoo ’05.

During Homecoming, the Class of 1960 met at an old hangout, the Caboose Smokehouse in Bloomington. Len King ’57 uses a cell phone to photograph Sharon (Linton) Fricke '60.

Patrick O’Connor ’05 wed Alice O’Connor on June 19, 2010 on Edisto Island, S.C. A number of alumni were guests at the wedding.

(Front row, left to right): Amanda Wydeveld ’05, Jennifer Ann Bartlett-Jena ’05, Kyle Brigham ’06 and Anna Deters ’05.

(Back row): Amer Khan ’05, Prakrit Jena ’05, the bride, the groom, John Curtis ’04 and David Zohfeld ’04.

Tami (Frow) Meister ’06 wed Derek Meister ’06 on Jan. 9, 2010, in Peoria, Ill. They were joined by about 25 Wesleyan alumni at the wedding.

(Front row, left to right): Lauren Koteles ’07, Bob Lauer ’06, Carrie Schmitt ’07, Dave Johnson ’06, Alena Abens ’07, Brett Martin ’07

(Middle row): Beth Janick ’06, Katie Tobin ’07, Rana Haddadin ’07, the groom, the bride, Erika Meister ’03, Nikki Gold ’06, Mike Catron ’06

(Back row): Phil Hubbuch ’06, Jim Jantz ’06, Bob Heller ’06, Janelle Pengiel ’07, Katherine Klowden ’07, Todd Cruikshank ’06, Brandon Osborn ’06, Tim Jacko ’06, Jane Szafraniec ’06, Colleen Yerkes ’06, Pete Maisel ’06, Casey Samson ’06

Adam Dickens ’07 and his wife Kate were married October 2, 2010, in Lombard, Ill. Joining them in celebration were several IWU alumni:

(Clockwise from back row to the left): Joe Murphy ’07, the groom, the bride, Tina Broholm ’07, Danielle (Leggans) McAffe ’07, Stephanie Andriola ’08, Jack Dickens ’86, Dan Obie ’08, Adam Lombard ’07, Aaron Bailey ’07, Anne (Bostrom) Bailey ’07, Kara North  ’07, Jackie Garcia ’07, Lindsey (Deets) Pfister ’07.

The Class of 1970 lines up for a class photo at Homecoming 2010. The class had more than 100 people at a series of events it sponsored, including the dinner, a poetry reading and a memorial service in Evelyn Chapel.

Brian Trainor ’07 wed Lauren O’Connor ’09 on Oct. 8, 2010, in Darien, Ill. They wrote, “We had a number of IWU graduates in attendance, and celebrated our “honeymoon” at IWU Homecoming the next day. Go Titans!”

(Front row, left to right): Kyle Griffith ’07, Margaret Kane ’09, Jennifer Douglas ’08, Amy Grigoletti ’09, Mary Roznovsky ’09, Michael Trainor ’07.

(Back row): the groom, the bride, Laura Allen ’09, Thure Ross ’09.

Jessica (Biro) Martin ’08 and Kale Martin were married on Nov. 14, 2009, in Bolingbrook, Ill. Jessica was joined by six of her Kappa Kappa Gamma sisters, who were also her bridesmaids.

From left to right: Lauren Giannini ’08, Stephanie Urban ’08, Sara Koller ’08, the bride, Kati Feken ’09, Amanda Hentsch ’09 and Jessica Seils ’08

Jennifer (Unti) Malic ’06 wed Louis Malic ’06 on June 18, 2010. Several alumni attended the ceremony, which was held in Cary, Ill.

From left to right: Chris Vogl ’06, Chris Lindberg ’06, the groom, the bride, Bob Heller ’06, Melanie (Winslow) Ramsayer ’06, James Malic ’06, Matt Sump ’06, Mary (Roth) Sump ’06, Katie (Licciardi) Kramer ’06