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Mary (Roth) Sump ’06 married Matthew Sump ’06 on Sept. 12, 2009, in Peoria, Ill. Guests of the wedding included 35 Illinois Wesleyan alumni, several of whom were Mary’s Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority sisters and Matt’s Theta Chi fraternity brothers.

Attending the wedding were bridesmaids Susan Roth ’03, Katherine (Roth) Kasper ’02 and Samantha Austin ’06; groomsmen Kevin Thommes ’06, Douglas Kasper ’02, Bob Heller ’06 and Matthew Lee ’05; ushers Daniel Nelson ’05 and Anders Lennergard ’07; pastor Walter Wilkins ’64; and guests Jeff Roth ’76, Lyne (McCoy) Roth ’76, Miriam (McCoy) Benson ’74, Jim Olson ’74, Richard McCoy ’77, Cory (Mooney) McCoy ’77, Patrick McCoy ’02, Ted Roth ’83, Alex Roth ’09, Alyssa McNally ’10, Ashley Valosek ’08, Jane Szafraniec ’06, Drew Kepple ’07, Chris Vogl ’06, Beth Kane ’04, Gilliam Weston ’06, Jenny Unti ’06, Louis Malic ’06, Katie Licciardi ’06, Dan Carroll ’05, Keith Paulson ’07, Kristine Madigan ’08, Dan Broholm ’05 and James Phelan ’05.

Mike Bragg ’05 and Katie (Elwood) Bragg ’06 wed on May 30, 2009, in LaGrange, Ill.  A number of Illinois Wesleyan alumni attended the wedding.

First row, left to right: the bride, the groom.

Second row: Tracy Felton ’06, Jason Ozbolt ’04, J.P. Hills ’05, Danny Elwood ’09, Michael Elwood ’04, Van Miller ’04, Melinda (Sprague) Brandt ’06 and Carmen (Simkins) Hayes ’06.

Third row, starting at top of stairs: Cullen Hayes ’06, Sarah Slevin ’04, Christine Konopasek ’05, Brette Bower ’04, Molly May ’06, Lauren Linsner ’06, Joe Brickler ’04, Kyle Jones ’05, Brandon Christol ’04, John Van Fleet ’04, Jacque (Stephens) Van Fleet ’04, Laine Twanow ’04, Mary Kate Gergel ’07, Beth Crowley ’04, Mike McQuillan ’08 and bridesmaid Carrie Bragg ’08.

Kristin (Wood) Callard ’05 and Jason Callard ’05 wed on May 24, 2009, in Inverness, Ill.  Wedding guests included several IWU alumni and Biology Professors Emeriti Bruce and Norma Criley.

Front row, left to right: Brett Parmenter ’05, Claire (Hagemann) Parmenter ’05, the groom, the bride and Valerie (Lambrecht) Corwin ’05.

Second row: Nikki (Taylor) Wiepert ’05, Katie Peterson ’05, Jena Hudson ’05 and Jessie White ’05.

Third row: Jason Dulac ’05, Trefan Archibald ’05, Chip Corwin ’05 and Biology Professor Emeriti Bruce and Norma Criley.

Jennifer Clark ’95 married Zachery Portell on July 21, 2009, in Breckenridge, Colo.  In August, the newlyweds invited a number of IWU alumni to a reception in St. Louis.

From left to right: John Munch ’98, Adam Keys ’94, Janice Clark ’66, Terry Clark ’68, Rebekah (Clark) Munch ’99, the bride, the groom, Rachel (Clark) Keys ’94, Lori Brown ’95, Lana (Brown) Casica ’95 and Kelli (Boutelle) Risse ’93.

Van Miller and Laine Twanow, both class of 2004, were wed on July 18, 2009, in Spring Valley, Ill. Many classmates and IWU staff were in attendance.

Katrina (Tammen) Reber ’05 and Ryan Reber were married at the Tammen family farm on June 27, 2009.  Many Illinois Wesleyan alumni and faculty joined them in celebrating.

Front row, left to right: Linda (Brown) Tammen ’76, Megan Thoma ’05, Cathy Gilbert ’05, Rachel Price ’05, the bride, the groom, Illinois Wesleyan accompanist Carol Churukian, and Professors of Music Jill West and Bill West.

Second row: Morris Tammen ’75, Sean Price ’03, Evan Tammen ’09, Diego Baez ’07, Edward Price ’08, Shane Duke ’06 and Alex Laurie ’03.

Zak Thompson ’02 married Christina Slaton on Nov. 28, 2009, at Byron Colby Barn in Grayslake, Ill.  Guests of the wedding included several alumni.

Kneeling, left to right: Sean O’Connell ’02 and Christina Cookas ’02.

Standing: Juliana O’Connell ’03, Marc-Henry Romeus ’02, Elanor Romeus, the bride, the groom, Matthew Miller ’01, Rhya Miller ’02 and Matthew Oswald ’02.

Cory (Edwards) Bogen ’08 wrote: “I married my IWU sweetheart Brent Bogen ’08 on Aug. 8, 2009.” Many alumni and current students attended the wedding.

Front row, left to right: Sara Longtin ’08, Mary Kate McMeel ’08, Amy Kapp ’10, Beth Crutcher ’09, the bride, the groom, Drew Bogen ’13, Kim Wolski ’08 and Kristina Dakis ’11. 

Second row: Kerry Devitt ’10, Melissa Lipcamon ’06, Andrew Parker ’08, Jamie Pitts ’08 and Erin Moll ’08. Third row: Matt Sheehan ’08, Laura Higginson ’06, Jenny Hjelmberg ’08, Maggie Burnworth ’08, Lindsay Gross ’08 and Claire Shoup ’11. 

Fourth row: Ken Hommowun ’09, Julie Hoppesch ’09, Megan Mason ’09, Jay Christensen ’08, Dan George ’09, Donovan Davis ’07, Robbie Heston ’11, Ted Nichols ’08, Nathan Schieve ’08, Gabe Chez ’08, Michael Duback ’08 and Jack Hanlon ’11.