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Mona (Williams) Hornsby ’00 wed Deon Hornsby ’97 on June 26, 2010, in Evelyn Chapel on the Illinois Wesleyan campus. Several alumni were in attendance.

From left to right: Nancy (Nath) Tennicott '96, Samantha Robinson '01, Don Arnold '00, Silver (Rayside) Daniel '00, Nicole Brown '99, Princess (Johnson) Galloway '02, Pedro Hernandez '97, Matt Tennicott '97, Amanda (Lieberum) Stubblefield '96, Antwane Cowen '96, the bride, Jeremy Daniel '00, the groom, Ryan Cook '97, Stacy (Willard) Cook '93, Jewell (Littles) Walton '00, Muneerah Maalik '00, Syreeta Williams '01, Anthony Gray '98.

Natalie (Boesche) Jossendal ’10 and Nick Jossendal were married June 26, 2010. Several Illinois Wesleyan alumni were in attendance.

Front row, center: the bride.
Second row, left to right: Sarah Stumpf ’10, Gina Tangorra ’10, Brenda Martinez ’10, Kelsey Hample ’10, Katie Henegan ’10, Caitlin Carr ’10 and Jenni Sobyra ’10.

Kim (Belluomini) Ertman, Suzanne (Shields) Brown, Rachel (Throckmorton) Luhn and Carrie (Zimmerman) Nicholas brought their babies along for a recent get-together at Woodfield Mall in Schaumburg, Ill. The 2001 alumnae were all members of Sigma Alpha Iota.

Several Illinois Wesleyan graduates joined Elizabeth Herr-Taylor ’98 and Van Taylor in celebrating their marriage on Sept. 5, 2009, in Highland Park, Ill. 

Left to right: Becky (Morrissey) Lee ’99, Maggie (Folk) Kendall ’00, Sophia Yi-Scott ’98, the bride, Tina (Acosta) Odeh ’98, Kristi (Dolgin) Dillon ’98 and Andrea (Armour) Trudeau ’98.

Ashley (Patten) Amelianovich ’05 wed Keelan Amelianovich ’06 at IWU’s Evelyn Chapel on Sept. 5, 2009. Several generations of alumni guests helped celebrate their union.

Front row, left to right: Tiny Titan Kiera Schilsky, Steve Schilsky ’03, A.J. (Reeley) Schilsky ’03, the groom, the bride, Abby Patten ’08, Kristy (Lehan) Gorsage ’06 and Zack Gorsage ’05.
Second row: Matthew Murray ’06, Chad Hutson ’95, Erin Cruz ’07, Jim Lehan ’04, Katie Frawley ’06, Jake Sheley ’05, Kelly Murray ’04, Jen Freeman ’05, Jeff Schwartz ’06, Joan (Teitleman) Cinquegrani ’06, Jen Drach ’98, Mike Daniels ’71, John Camardella ’03 and Lindy (Wick) Camardella ’04.
Third row:  Zach Freeman ’07, Mike McGraw ’06, Jason Fisher ’06, Steve Schweer ’06, Ross Straseske ’06, Adam Dauksas ’06, Brad Shearn ’07, Pat Cinquegrani ’06, Andrew Freeman ’07 and Dan Pfeifer ’06.

Dorota (Wawrzak) Rossi ’07 and David Rossi ’07 were married on June 9, 2010.  The ceremony was held in Minier, Ill., at the Rossi family home with a reception in Normal, Ill.  Many IWU swimmer alumni were present, as well as Coach Teresa Fish.

Front row, left to right: Russ Blogg ’05, Molly Blogg ’04, Kerry Sindewald ’08, Erin Storck ’07, Jenifer Becker ’07 and Laura Cathelyn ’07. Back row: Coach Teresa Fish, Michael Melick ’02, Dan Budny ’04, the groom, the bride, Taissa Boyko ’07 and Ben Braksick ’05.