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Winter 2010-11

What's inside

Green in Action: In ways large and small, the University strives toward environmental sustainability.

Three Bets: Sandra Steingraber ’81 writes about the inescapable links between our environmental and personal health.

The Literary Lincoln: Discovering what Abraham Lincoln read offers important clues about who he was, according to a book by English Professor Robert Bray.

Star Attraction: For 40 years, Evans Observatory has brought IWU closer to the night sky.

Songs of Hope: A book by Jerrilyn McGregory ’71 shines new light on the spiritual life of a little-known region.

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Fall 2010

What's inside

For chef and cookbook author Robin Asbell ’84, the food we eat vibrantly reflects who we are and what we aspire to be.

The new Main Classroom Building promises to transform teaching and learning at Illinois Wesleyan.

Learning how we think about what we buy, Patrick Palmer ’87 brings a fresh approach to advertising.

Air Force Attorney Capt. Sarah Carlson ’04 helps Iraqis put their criminal court system on a path to success.

Illinois Wesleyan Alumni Association leaders expand connections through regional and affinity groups.

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Summer 2010

What's inside

English Professor Wes Chapman explores how happiness relates to the liberal arts and its larger role in the human experience.

Coach Chris Schumacher finds a winning formula to make his Titan track teams among the nation’s best

After playing for presidents and queens, Marine Band trumpeter Amy McCabe ’01 rejoins the Illinois Wesleyan Civic Orchestra for one memorial evening.

Faced with one of the toughest job markets in recent memory, Illinois Wesleyan students are bringing their A game.

The University’s School of Nursing celebrates a 50-year commitment to teaching and scholarship.

The underdog Titan baseball team took a wild ride to capture capture the Division III national trophy.

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Spring 2010

What's inside

What is the ultimate fate of the universe? Can the world's religions coexist in peace? Can we rise above racism? Research by Illinois Wesleyan professors grapples with some of our most challenging concerns.

Five years after his inauguration, Illinois Wesleyan President Richard F. Wilson looks ahead with confidence.

Illinois Wesleyan’s Action Research Center brews a potent mix of student research and community involvement.

Titan fans cheer a century of men’s varsity basketball at IWU's Shirk Athletic Center.

Harriet Geannopoulos ’49 looks back on a career helping college-educated women succeed.

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