Wedding Photos from Spring 2008 IWU Magazine

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Heidi Keller ’99 and Bill Force were married in Dekalb, Ill., on July 22, 2007.  Several alumni were in attendance to celebrate the marriage. Front row, left to right: Roger Keller '67, Allison (Brunell) Sise '99, the bride, and the groom. Back row: Karin Beaumont '00, Sara (Oberhoffer) Jenaman '01, Alison Youngquist '00, Marissa (Cope) Boysen '00, Karmy Kays '00, Danielle (Blomarz) Kays '01, Jaclyn Hood '99, Roscoe Fraser '78, and Michelle (Stone) Hall '01.

Tracy Quinn ’03 married Phillip Castello on May 11, 2007, in Barrington, Ill. Many IWU graduates were among the guests. Alumni friends of the couple included Melissa Tisoncik ’07, Jenny Tisoncik ’03, Jesse Adkins ’04, Missy Oakland ’03, Andrea Manuel ’03, Kristin Jahn ’03, Susan Jaeger ’03, Allison Friedrich ’03, Eileen Forde ’03, and Trisha Powers ’03.

Zach Gorsage '05 and Kristy (Lehan) Gorsage '06 married on June 16, 2007, in DeKalb, Ill. Several IWU alumni attended the ceremony. Pictured from left to right are:  Melinda (Sprague) Brandt ’06, Ashley Patten ’05, Jim Lehan ’04, Keelan Amelianovich ’06, Sam Stahnke ’05, Molly May ’06, Liz Diubek ’09, Casey Tushaus ’04, Ann (Bernard) Tushaus, ’04 and Erich Sauer ’06.

Kathryn (Sentman) Totz ’07 married Nathan Totz on June 23, 2007, in Glenview, Ill. Many IWU graduates and faculty attended the celebration. From left to right: Matt Sperry ’03, Assistant Professor of Psychology Jean Pretz and her husband Joel Kotzwicki, Matthew Harbage ’07, the groom, the bride, Eric Taylor ’05, Rita Yamin ’07, Lindsay Zabel ’07, Amy Kraus ’07, Elita Hohner ’07 and Emily Newton ’07. Kari Vanderzyl ’92 also attended.

Benjamin Wier '07 and Jennifer (Mele) Wier '06 were married on June 23, 2007, in Arlington Heights, Ill.  The wedding was attended by Illinois Wesleyan University alumni friends and family from 10 classes spanning 36 years. Front row, left to right: Melissa (Young) Lee '99, Karen Lorentz '05, Courtney Letkewicz '07, the bride, the groom, Emily Maggi '07, and Joanna Mulder '08. Back row: Mary (Wier) Stapel '05, Ann (Johnson) Huff '80, Ellen (Wier) Yedinak '04 and daughter Olivia Ruth, Dan Huff '73, Philip Loane '05, Jennifer (Dawson) Russell '06, Brandy Harvey '06, Krey Leesman '07, Aaron Mallehan (IWU Intervarsity staffworker '03), Bryan Clark '06, Josh Kuehl '07, Franklin Cardona '06, Jason Somogyi '07, Tony Franklin '04, Jason Shive '03, Alison Winter '08, and Amy Cadwallader '07.