A twin bond: Zach and Andrew Freeman

The bond between siblings always contains a certain amount of rivalry. But for brothers and sisters who play on the same sports team, the competition takes place on a completely different level.

Over the years, Titan athletics have included plenty of siblings, including basketball brothers Jack (’77) and Bob (’80) Sikma and Jeff (’90) and Steve (’93) Kuehl.

Few siblings, however, understand the joys and challenges of studying and competing together more completely than the Freeman twins, 2007 Wesleyan graduates and former co-captains of the basketball team.

The best part about going to college with a sibling, Andrew Freeman says, is the opportunity to share “the best part of your life — college — with one of your best friends.”

The worst part?

“Constantly being mistaken for each other,” Andrew says.

Today, there’s not much opportunity to confuse Andrew and his brother Zach — they live half a world apart. Zach now plays professional basketball in Germany and Andrew lives and works in Florida. But while at IWU, the brothers lived together and spent hours side-by-side on the basketball court.

“Because Zach was a standout basketball player from day one, I instantly gained notoriety among classmates for playing basketball as well, even though I didn’t see significant playing time until later on,” Andrew says.

With very different majors, the brothers didn’t compete academically. On the court, though, it was a different story.

“We were always in competition, whether it be directly for playing time on the court or in our own minds,” Andrew says. “Everyone would always compare our play on the court, regardless of the situation.”

But Andrew said that the benefits of the experience outweighed the negatives and strengthened the brothers’ relationship.

“Before we came to college, we already had that very close ‘twin bond,’” he says. “Sharing our college experiences on and off the court definitely solidified that bond, whereas going to different schools would have definitely diminished it.”

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