Wedding Photos from Fall 2008 IWU Magazine

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Alex Goldie ’04 and Karla (Charipar) Goldie wed April 5, 2008, in Batavia, Ill. The wedding party and guests included many IWU alumni. Back row, left to right: Paul Aleck, David Mills, Brian Conners, Nick Galasso, Lasith Lasakara and Devale K. Stubbs. Front row: David Munz, Matt Goldie, the bride, the groom, Jonathan Goldie and Amit Saue.

Kim Wagner ’04 and Tyler Sweeney ’04 were married on December 15, 2007 in Barrington, Ill.  Several generations of Wesleyan alumni were present at the wedding, including parents and relatives of the bride and groom. Photo courtesy of Edward Fox Photography.  Back row, left to right: David Mills ’04. Amit Sane ’04, Dave Munz ’04, Erin (Wetherille) Cullen ’04,  Jared Wagner ’04,  Brian Connors ’04,  DeVale Stubbs ’04, Sheena Selvey ’04, Pat Cinquegrani ’06,  Jeff Schwartz ’06, Mike Musselman ’04, Roger Larrick ’73, Will Irwin ’04 and Dennis Sweeney ’73. Third row: Josh Bidzinski ’07, Sue (Peters) Sweeney ’75, Courtney Harms ’04, Bob Cullen ’04, Emily Olson ’04, Darcy (Thompson) Sowle ’05, Brianne Smith ’04 and Carlie (Bliss) Irwin ’04. Second row: Lauren Waidzunas ’05, Casey McCarthy ’06, Kelly McArthur ’04, Anna Czipri ’04, and Joan Teitelman’06. Bottom row: Dan Budny ’04, Renee Riddle ’04, Megan Greenfield ’04, the bride, the groom, Jessica Deahr ’04, Sarah (Carrozza) Terry ’04 and Alison Sweeney ’01.

Bethany (Kesselring) Wasik ’04 wed Brian Wasik ’04 in a Sept. 1, 2007, ceremony at White Pines Golf Club in Bensenville, Ill. Many of the couple’s Wesleyan friends attended.

Sarah (Zeller) Julian ’07 married Adam Julian on June 7, 2008, in Roscoe, Ill. The guest list included many recent IWU graduates. Back row, left to right: Dan Lubrano ’07, Kyle Griffith ’07, Eric Johnson ’08 and Andrew Tharp ’08. Second row: Sam Killian ’06, Becky Welzenbach ’07, Molly McLay ’06, Rachel Shulman ’07, Beth Dennis ’07, Anne Wilkinson ’07 and Brian Jbara ’07. Front row: the bride and groom.

Elizabeth Grad ’01 married Peter Christofylakis on June 17, 2006. The reception, which was held at the Drake Hotel Chicago, was attended by several IWU faculty members and alumni. In attendance were Dr. Thomas Lutze, Dr. Abagail Jahiel and family; Dr. Carolyn Nadeau, Chad Sanders and family; as well as alumni Nick Haralampopoulos ’00, Lindsey Kehr ’00, John Vlahos ’00, Brendan Campbell ’03, Pat Aylward ’01, Dan Hengelmann ’01, William Spear ’03, Patrick Riley ’03, Sarah Stephey ’03, Jacqui Hoffman ’01, Peter Vlasis ’03, Tom Muir ’03, Kristen Tracey ’03, John Berghult ’01, Kelly McMillin ’03 and Lydia Marrucco ’01.

Susie (Ireland) Halverson ’04 married Will Halverson on May 31, 2008, in Springfield, Ill. Many IWU graduates were among the guests. First row, left to right: Julie Ruppel ’04, the bride, the groom, Christine Konopasek ’04 and Mark Shima ’04. Second row: Zac Hilbert ’04, Mary (Kizaric) Hilbert ’04, Cassie (Pribble) Gallagher ’04, Amy Kowalski ’06 and Megan (Doherty) Kane ’05. Third row: Corie Scarpaci ’04, Kristin Gulinski ’04, Stacy (Nielson) Kostiuk ’04, Ted Kostiuk ’02, Susan (Wigginton) Meister ’74 and Laura Pautz ’04.

Katrina “Kate” Olmsted ’04 married Chris Morris on October 6, 2007, in Palos Park, Ill. Many IWU graduates attended the ceremony.

Jonviette (McReynolds) Lawrence ’05 wed Nicholas Lawrence on May 24, 2008, in Chicago. Several IWU graduates attended. Alumni included in the photo are Kara Gregory ’05, the bride, Marques Rice ’04 and Fredrick Brown ’00.