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Winter 2008

What's inside

Students and alumni gather at a
revitalized Homecoming celebration.

Vietnam veteran Tobey Herzog '68
uses the prism of literature to shine
light on life beyond the battlefield.

Designed to reflect the quality of a Wesleyan education, the Minor Myers, jr Welcome Center gets a positive reception.

The quest to retrieve a priceless memento launches one Kappa Kappa Gamma
sister on a journey of discovery.

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Fall 2008

What's inside

Students move to the rhythm of a universal language during May Term.

History professor Gordon Horowitz chronicles Nazi plans for a Polish city.

Gregory Dell '67 faces Parkinson's disease after decades fighting for social justice.

Collegiate Choir members experience the power of performance in Spain.

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Summer 2008

What's inside

A recent graduate offers some hard-earned wisdom to students.

Portrait photographer Marie-Susanne Langille captures campus personalities.

Bill Roberts '64 is as comfortable at a county fair as he is in Washington's corridors of power.

A special report looks at the state of religion on campus.

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Spring 2008

What's inside

Neurosurgeon Ann Stroink '76 has mastered one of medicine's most demanding fields.

Coach Mia Smith shares her passion for the game of basketball.

Filmmaker Brian Udovich '98 shows a winning streak of independence.

Siblings who go to the same college say the experience helps them see each other in a different light.

Titan legend Jack Sikma '77 is now a coach in the NBA.

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