Portals to the World

The International Office sponsored its first Study Abroad Photo Contest, encouraging students to share the richness of their travel experiences. Here is a sample of this year’s submissions.

“Wedding March”
Marti Lyons ’08
Location: Rome, Italy

Lyons writes: “What initially appears to be one motorbike facing ascending stairs is actually two bikes intertwined. Shortly after this photo was taken, a wedding party ran through this charming alley.” (First-place winner)

“I’ll Catch the Next Boat”
Chris Davis ’08
Location: The Yasawa Islands, Fij

Davis writes: “Before returning home I took some rest and relaxation in Fiji. I am in a hammock, looking out through the trees to the boat that allowed me to hop between islands for two weeks.” (Second-place winner)

“El Misterio de las Ballenas”
Amanda Cordes ’08
Location: Puerto Madryn, Argentina

Cordes writes:  “This image captures the tail fin of an Atlantic Right Whale — one of the largest breeds of whales in the world. The photo is extremely important to me because it captures not only the beauty of the animal, but it reflects a deep feeling of universal concern for the environment. It also means a lot to me personally: this was the first trip I ever took alone in Latin America. Finally, I felt like the whale, immersed and at peace in a home away to home, speaking the language and living a life I had never dreamed of. ” (Third-place winner)

“Stop and Smell the Marigolds”
Susie Walter ’07
Location:  Chiapas, Mexico

Walter writes: “In the small, indigenous village of San Juan Chamula, the entire community gathers at the cemetery to celebrate the Day of the Dead, a holiday to honor the lives of deceased loved ones and to welcome their spirits back to the earth. Here, an indigenous woman had adorned the graves of her loved ones with offerings: marigolds, the flower of the dead and central symbol of this holiday; candles and beer that the deceased family members enjoyed; a blanket, so that the spirits may rest after their long journey from the spirit world; and Coca-Cola bottles, a ‘holy water’ of sorts to this indigenous population and considered to have spiritual powers.”

“Just Hold Still ...”
Lindsay Zabel ’07
Location: Venice, Italy

Zabel writes: “My traveling partner Glenna wanted a photo of herself feeding the pigeons that congregate in the Piazza San Marco. ... Every time a pigeon would come close to landing, though, she would scream and run away.”

“The Pouting Poisson”
Courtney Holden ’07
Location: Nantes, France

Holden writes:  “I loved studying abroad in Nantes, France, and I’ll never forget my daily trek past the local fishmarkets. ... The fish’s vivid coloring and rather confused expression made him seem alive. But when the woman next to me picked him up for dinner that night, I assumed that even if he was still breathing, he wouldn’t be for long.”

“Woman and Child Walking”
Erin Cox ’08
Location: Tangier, Morocco

Cox writes: “Going to Morocco was an eye-opening experience. This picture seems to capture both the exotic nature of our journey (the architecture of the arch, the way the woman is dressed) and at the same time how similar all cultures really are (the family relationship, the modern city in the background).”

“Lovers in Paris”
Courtney Holden ’07
Location: Paris, France

Holden writes:  “Two people sit and gaze as the sun sets behind the Louvre’s grand pyramid.”

“Sun Setting Over Stonehenge”
Megan Sheehan ’08
Location: Salisbury Plain, England

“Glass Sculpture"
Andy Nelson ’08
Location: Kew Royal Botanical Gardens, London