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Elizabeth (Eberspacher) Nohren ’98 married Jeffrey Nohren on March 24, 2007.  Alumni in attendance included (front row, from left) Mari Kitani Condon ’99, Jacqueline (Dunaway) Eberspacher ’71, the bride and groom; (second row) Dan Condon ’99; (back row, from left) Emily Fathauer ’02, Natalie Wilson ’99, Erin Fathauer ’00, Jyl Fathauer ’75, and James Dunaway ’79.

Despite 15 inches of ice and fallen snow, Shawn Buhr ’00 and Genna Munson ’00 were married on Dec. 2, 2006, in Peoria, Ill.  Many alumni, all from the Class of 2000, braved the weather to join the couple on their special day.  They included [front row, from left] Mike Streit, the bride, bridesmaid Melissa (Hill) Geiser; [middle row, from left] Janelle (Dieken) Matthews, bridesmaid Marissa (Emerson) Shotsberger, the groom, Chris Stoll, Katie (Roser) Fischer, bridesmaid Crystalline Scoggins, Michelle (Wujek) Bader and Elizabeth Lohse; [back row, from left] Nate Ng, best woman Angela (Parsons) Colmone, Esther (Vreeman) Moll, Jeremie Moll and Bob Witz.

Julie Hylla ’02 married Joshua Kilday on Dec. 16, 2006, in Peru, Ill.  Many alumni friends and family attended the wedding, including [first row, from left] Megan (DeSerf) Davidson ’02, Eleanor (Swanson) Romeus ’02 and Rhya (Bloom) Miller ’02; [second row, from left] Lora (Nickels) Tague ’02, Amanda Wade ’02, Kelly (Rowe) Yeung ’02, mother of the bride Ellyn (Kivett) Hylla ’74, Katie (Ogden) Kalus ’02, Kathy Campbell ’74 and Kay (Norris) Liebenow ’74; [back row, from left] Lauren (Cuthbertson) Clavelli ’02, Megan Owens, Sarah Sons, Jeanna (Ebert) Babcock ’02 and Kathy (Mack) Waszak ’74.  Also in attendance but not pictured were grandmother of the bride Elizabeth (Willmeroth) Kivett ’50, Stephanie (Willmeroth) Heilstedt ’48, Matt Miller ’01, Marc-Henry Romeus ’02, Tom Tague ’03 and Kevin Kalus ’00.

Sarah (Williams) Carlson ’04 married Traven Carlson on Dec. 30, 2006.  Several alumni attended the ceremony, including [front row, from left] Andy Rowland ’03, the bride, the groom, George Coontz ’04 and Brian Sincora ’02; [on stairs, descending] Chris Weber ’04, Cameron Sullivan ’04, Jennifer Wier ’06 and Benjamin Wier ’07.

Illinois Wesleyan admissions counselor Abby Reel-Hass ’04 married Jason Haas on June 16, 2007, at the Mennonite Church of Normal (Ill.).  More than 40 IWU affiliates attended the wedding, including "Active Ingredient," an IWU Jazz Band that performed during the cocktail hour.

Jacqueline (Stephens) Van Fleet ’04 and John Van Fleet Jr. ’04 were married on Aug. 5, 2006.  Alumni in attendance included [front row, from left] Beth Crowley '04, Brette Bower '04, the groom and bride, and Josh Addis, '04; [second row, from left] Katie Elwood '06, Carmen Simkins '06, Laine Twanow '04, Julia Socke '03 and Kate Olmsted '04; [third row] Andy Brandt '04, Mike Bragg '05, Cullen Hayes '06, Phil Uphoff '05, Luke Carreras '04 and Shawn McGuire '04.

Krystle (Balhan) Archibald '05 and Trefan Archibald '05 were married on June 9, 2007, at Peaceful Valley Ranch in Lyons, Colo.  Alumni in attendance were [from left] Jason Dulac '05, Jerome Kelly '05, Carley Wilson '05, Stefanie Pareti '05, Michele Johnson '05 and Mary Leach '05. Also in attendance but not pictured were IWU biology professors Bruce and Norma Criley.

Carolyn (Franz) Berger ’05 married Joel Berger on July 15, 2006.  Alumni who attended the wedding included [first row, from left] Sarah Cowan '05, Emily Frazier '04, Rachel Rosellini '05 and Ame (Datson) Schaefges '05; [second row, from left] Andrew Ladendorf '03, Karen (Zupec) Ladendorf '04, Bridget Wall '08, the bride and groom, Phil Krawchuk '06 and Heather Straley '06; [third row, from left] Rachael Marusarz '04, Dan Brook '06, Patty Devery '05, Emily Wisseman '04, Missy (Merrill) Hartley '05, James Klopfleisch '07, Crystal Baxter Krawchuk '06, Amy Plazek '06, Becca Rodey, '05 and Fernando Carrillo '04; [fourth row, from left] Daniel Vendt '05, Kevin O'Keefe '06, Phil Arquette '06, David Hartley '05, Alyssa Underwood '08, Mark Portolese '05, Jen (Marshall) Karl '03 and Chris Karl '04.  Also in attendance but not pictured was Cory Nelson ’06.

David Hartley ’05 and Melissa (Merrill) Hartley ’05 were married in Evelyn Chapel on June 23, 2007.  Several alumni attended the ceremony, including (back row, from left) Carolyn Berger ’05, Chris Weber ’04, Becca Rodey’05, Kara Gregory ’05, Kevin O'Keefe ’06, Phil Arquette ’06, Daniel Vendt ’05, Paul Meiste ’07, Cameron Sullivan ’04, Kevin O'Reilly ’05, Justin Barnish ’06 and Alyssa Underwood ’08; (third row, from left) Brian Baxter ’07, Fernando Carrillo ’04, Katrina Stansbury ’07, Patty Devery ’05, Becca Marsh ’05, the groom, the bride, Amy Plazek ’06, Daniel Brook ’06, Jenna Kaferly ’06, Eric Malmquist ’07, Jenny Karl ’03, Chris Karl ’04, Mike McHugh ’05, Zac Hilbert ’04 and Marybeth Hilbert ’04; (second row, from left) Emily Wisseman ’04, Amy Schaefges ’05, Sarah Cowan, Rachel Rosellini, Emily Frazier ’04, Jenny Stevens ’06, Josh Biere ’07 and Steph Olsen ’06; (first row, from left) Ryan McGuinness ’04, Colin Borck ’04.