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On July 30, 2005, Allison Brunell ’99 and Stephen Sise were married at the Drake Hotel in Chicago.  Several alumni were in attendance to celebrate the marriage.  From left to right: Sara Oberhoffer Jenaman ’01, Michelle Stone Hall ’01, Marissa Cope ’00, Jaclyn Hood ’99, the bride, Heidi Keller ’99, Alison Youngquist ’00, Danielle Blomarz Kays ’01, and Karin Beaumont ’00.

Several classmates attended the marriage of Alisa Conley ’00 to Adam Keniger in the Outer Banks of North Carolina on Oct. 13, 2005.  From left to right: Robyn Krahn ’00, Amber Kujath Butcher ’97, Ryan Eyer ’01, Stacey Wooden ’00, and Melissa Lally ’01.

Beth Frazier ’01 and Kevin Fahey ’99 were married in Oak Forest, Ill., on Dec. 4, 2004.  Several IWU alumni were in attendance to help celebrate the marriage.  Front row from left to right: Dan Condon ’99, Ryan Hornbeck ’99, Steve Dudash ’99, and Rory Nugent ’99.  Second row: Mari Kitani ’99, Rob Pendergast ’01, Joe Norris ’99 (groomsman), the groom, the bride, Jim Callaghan ’99, and Chad Beaty ’99.  Third Row: Brian Fischer ’99, Sara Seebruch Fischer ’99, Michelle Stone ’01, Kristen Johnson ’02, Danielle Blomarz Kays ’01 (bridesmaid), Emily Erhart Rogers ’01 (matron of honor), Cindy Thorson ’01 (personal attendant), Sara Oberhoffer ’01, Lisa Siambanes ’01, Beth Raboin Gettleman ’99, and Beth Thorson-Beaty ’99. Fourth row: Dave Malcom ’00, Greg Adamo ’02, Karmy Kays ’00, Angie Carrigan Klein ’02, Dan Klein ’03, and Brian Fletcher ’99.  Shera Hernandez ’02 (not pictured) was also a bridesmaid.

A large group of alumni attended the wedding of Stephanie Maske '04 and Phillip Brown '04 on April 30, 2005, in Bloomington.

Erin O'Neill '03 married Herbert Zerth III '03 at the Walter Payton Roundhouse in Aurora, Ill. Four rows of alumni were on hand.

Diane Peterson ’97 married Chad Veitch on June 25, 2005, In Rockford, Ill., and two of her classmates helped her celebrate.

Mollie Whitehead ’04 wed Drew Swierczek on July 9, 2005 in Vernon Hills, Ill.  Many alumni gathered to celebrate the marriage.  Front row from left to right: Lauren Boegen ’04 and Ashley Pletz ’04.  Second row: Bessie Ratskoff ’04, Amanda Wemlinger ’04, the bride, Michelle Mundy ’04, Laura Cavallari ’04, Ann Bernard ’04, and Tracy Quinlan ’04.  Third row: Andy Rowland ’03, Kyle Storck ’04, the groom, Hsienjan Huang ’05, Meredith Morton ’04, and Casey Tushaus ’04.