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On Oct. 22, 2005, several Illinois Wesleyan alumni gathered in southwest Wisconsin to celebrate the marriage of Amber Bevan ’02 to Joe Majerus. Back row (left to right): Allison Rodgers ’02, the groom, the bride, Ashlee Kuhl ’02, Melanie Hall ’02, Chad Corbley ’02, Jessica Caracci ’01, Amber Munday ’01, Catherine Clark ’02. Middle: Corinn Brooks ’02. Front row: Mike Durnwald ’02, Charles Upton, Shelby Sours ’02, Shannon Kuehn.

In October. Jordyn Frelk ’00 wed Jeff Pins ’01 in Chicago, with many classmates attending, including (left to right): first row: Mary Syverson ’00, Elizabeth Beer Joiner ’00, Andrea Foscoe Victor ’00 Laura Schmidt Grodoski ’00, Chris Grodoski ’00, Becky Hoag ’73, Chad Newhouse ’01; second row: Kristi Takagishi ’00, Aileen DeCourcey ’02, Emily Gilbert Larsen ’00, Shannon Hoag Hamman ’00, Kate Siepert ’00, Ben Clavert ’02, Scott Powers ’00; third row: Jordyn Frelk Pins ’00, Jeff Pins ’01, Laura Burleson Savage ’00, John Rowsey ’01, Megan Rosskopf ’02, Kate Walker ’00, Gabe Rysula ’00.

Alesia Perry ’05 and Kent Devine ’03 were married Sept. 24, 2005, in Aurora, Ill. Several alumni were in attendance.  (Individual names not provided)

IWU alumni friends of Jen Randa ’02 shared in the celebration of her marriage to Steve Reyes on June 17, 2006, in Western Springs, Ill. From right to left: Tracy Ratio ’01, Titan soccer teammate Julie Brooks Luesse ’02, maid of honor and and sister of the bride Jill Randa ’05, Melissa Cox, and the bride.

School of Music Alumni Karen Zupec ’04 and Andrew Ladendorf ’03 were married on July 9, 2005. Several of their classmates attended. First row: Rachael Marusarz ’03, Jessica Schierer ’04. Second row: Brian Baxter ’07, Katrina Stansbury ’07, the bride, the groom. Third row: Christopher Karl ’04, Jennifer Marshall Karl ’03, Michael McHugh ’05, Cameron Sullivan ’04, Beth Kane ’04, Cory Nelson ’06, Rob Hopkins ’04, Becca Rodey ’05, Victoria Pepper ’04, Mark Portolese ’05, Katie Campbell ’04, Carolyn Franz Berger ’05, Kate Rogers ’03, Fernando Carrillo ’04
Not Pictured: Matt Schneider ’02, Robin Hendricks Schneider ’03, Julia Horeled '04, Sarah Cowen '05.