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Winter 2006

What's inside

Conductor Sung Jin Hong '97 creates music with the power to unite

Solving the mysteries of Wesleyan, from the face of Aphrodite to a now-silenced bell

Alumni mentors share their wisdom with a new generation of students

IWU math faculty take the subject beyond numbers on a page

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  Fall 2006

What's inside

Spend some time on the job
with the workers who keep
IWU running smoothly

Urban high school students explore accounting, options for the future

A collection of iconic Americana comes to Merwin and Wakely Galleries

Danny Sherrod '03 revisits his old neighborhood

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  Summer 2006

What's inside

A 2005 graduate reflects on
facing life after Wesleyan

Russian students turn their
interest  in the language and
culture into a lifelong profession

Dave Kindred on the unlikely friendship between Muhommed
Ali and Howard Cosell

A year of research culminates in the John Wesley Powell conference

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 Spring 2006

What's inside

Alumni's Chicago theatre troupe
open eyes, minds onstage

April DeConick offers insight into the beliefs of the earliest Christians

Classic photos bring a bygone era of Illinois Wesleyan history to life

A new class shows students that forensics goes beyond "CSI"

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