Winter 2005 Highlights

On Our Cover
Jeffrey Dexter ’85 tunes the new pipe organ that he helped install this past summer at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. A total of 4,081 pipes were made for the instrument by the Schantz Organ Company, for which Dexter is tonal director and vice president.
(Photo by Jo McCulty)

Cover Story
Wood and lead and tin
and wind

These are the ingredients that Jeffrey Dexter ’85 uses to shape the magnificent sounds of a Schantz pipe organ.

Other Feature Stories
Contending with Katrina
Two alumni battled through the aftermath of a natural disaster of historic proportions.

Beyond the bottom line
IWU business professors prepare their students for ethical dilemmas they may confront in their futures as corporate professionals.

Nuclear options
Physics Professor Ray Wilson guides students and teachers into  consideration of a subject that he believes humanity ignores at its peril.

Department Highlights
The gifts of Mother Brown
Sigma Kappa housemother Norma Brown ’37 guided her “girls” through the tumultuous 1970s.

The politics of a frontier preacher
A new book demonstrates that debates over religion’s place in the public square are centuries old.

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