Summer 2005

The online edition of Illinois Wesleyan University Magazine contains links to feature stories and other highlights from our most recent issue. On our Summer 2005 cover, shown above, Richard F. Wilson bears a symbol of his presidency, a medallion reproducing the University’s seal. Each of the chain’s lower links bears the name of an Illinois Wesleyan president. (Photo by Marie-Susanne Langille.)

Feature Stories

Promises and possibilities

In his inaugural address, Richard Wilson calls upon the University’s “special promises” to be true to the core of its mission and open to active engagement with the world outside campus.

Mission Statement

Inaugural views

A slideshow features images documenting a milestone day in Illinois Wesleyan history.

Sing in the new

Fantasy job

With creative direction from Bill Damaschke ’85, DreamWorks is setting box-office records and sparking a new golden age in animation.

River of broken dreams

Excerpts from a new book explore the lives affected by political feuding over how best to manage the Missouri River.

Toon talent

Department Highlights

A spoonful of humor

From our "Behind the Scenes" section: With “wit and caring,” retiring Health Service Director Dolores Helm treated IWU students for 33 years. 

Her office is the world

From our "Alumni Profile" section: Hanie Yee’s career embraces a global perspective. 

Measuring up

Top of the world


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